Business Brief Aug. 12, 2022

Business Brief: MSMEs Should Digitize to Enter New Global Economy

Businesses should digitize and adapt to changing consumer behavior to participate in the new global economy. Plus more top business news this week.
Business Brief Aug. 5, 2022

Business Brief: Gen Z Spending to Still Drive Economic Growth

Finance Secretary Benjamin Diokno says young Filipinos' spending still the biggest source of economic growth. Plus a roundup of this week's the top business news.
Business Brief July 29, 2022

Business Brief: Govt. Should Address ‘Fragmented’ Logistics Sector – DTI

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) urged government to address logistics constraints that cause high cost in transfer of goods. This and more top business news from this week.
Business Brief July 22, 2022

Business Brief: PH Biggest Market for 2nd-Hand Fashion

A recent study says Filipinos are the biggest consumers of second-hand fashion in Asia. Plus a roundup of the week's top business news.
Business Brief July 1 2022

Business Brief: Gen Z Biggest Driver of Economic Growth

Gen Z consumers are the biggest drivers of economic growth, but they need more access to financing. Plus more news roundup from the last week.
Business Brief June 24 2022

Business Brief: PH Peso Weakest Since 2005

The Philippine Peso slumps to its lowest since 2005. More news roundup plus a special film dedicated to everyone who hustles.
Biz Brief June 10 2022

Business Brief: Filipina Entrepreneurs Most Resilient in the World

Filipina entrepreneurs were found most resilient despite social and economic challenges. This and more business roundup this week.
Biz Brief June 3 2022

Business Brief: MSMEs Should Go Digital to Boost Sales

Small businesses are encouraged to speed up digitalization so they can thrive in the digital economy. Plus other business news from the past week.
Biz Brief May 27 2022

Business Brief: New Taxes Pitched to Incoming Govt.

DoF to incoming government: defer tax cuts and introduce new taxes to save the economy. This and other business news from the past week.
Biz Brief May 16-20 2022

Business Brief: New EO #169 to Protect MSMEs and Franchising Industry.

The newly-signed Executive Order 169 seeks to protect MSMEs from scams and bad investments. Plus more business and ecommerce news.
Biz Brief May6 2022

Business Brief: 1 in 5 Filipinos Still Scared of Cashless Payment

A recent report from Kaspersky reveals that many Filipinos are still wary of online payment. This and other important business and ecommerce news of the week.
Biz Brief April 29,2022

Business Brief: Banks See Growing Demand for Business Loans

Banks are expecting an increase in business and consumer loans this quarter, plus other business and ecommerce news from the last week.