Product Photos

The Power of Product Photos in Ecommerce

How important are your product photos? 90% of online shoppers say good photo quality is one of the reasons they're attracted to buy.
Online Store Name

5 Tips on Naming Your Online Store

Your online store name should be unique but easy to remember. How to do you achieve that?
Brand Management 101

Brand Management 101: How Branding Helps Your Small Business

Your branding reflects your personality, values, culture and vision. Managing your brand well will benefit your business in many ways.
Sustainable Packaging

4 Sustainable Packaging Options for An Eco-friendly Brand

As an online seller, there's a lot you could do to ensure that consumption and production patterns become more sustainable. Start with packaging!
Eco Friendly Business

Be An Eco-friendly Online Business in Small Steps

You don't need a grand plan to become an eco-friendly business. You can do it in small
Brand Values

Brand Values: 5 of the Best Examples

Your brand values tell your customers what you stand for. These great examples of brand values will help you create your own.
how to build brand community

How to Build A Community Around Your Brand?

Building and growing your brand community helps establish trust and loyalty around your business.
Branding Strategies Examples

Excellent Branding Strategy Examples

Your branding strategy should answer the questions: What separates you from other businesses, and why should your customers care? 
Emotional Branding

How to Win Customers through Emotional Branding

Studies say that 95% of purchases are based on emotion. How do you effectively use emotional branding to win your customers' hearts?
Rebranding Or Brand Refresh

Rebrand or Refresh: The Essential Guide to Updating Your Brand

Do you need a full on rebranding or just a brand refresh to stay fresh and interesting to your customers? Here's a useful guide for you.
Ecommerce Website Trends

Top Ecommerce Website Design Trends

With social media and marketplaces, do you still need an ecommerce website? Yes! And here's how you should do it.
Brand Colors

What Your Brand Colors Say About Your Business

Your brand colors should reflect your industry and personality, but it should also make your brand memorable to customers.