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4 Must-Haves to Start An Online Business in The Philippines

The road to a successful online business is paved with challenges. Start off on solid ground by getting these four things right!
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So you’ve decided to venture into the world of online business — congratulations!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re opening your online store full-time or as a sideline — in these uncertain times, it’s best to grab every opportunity you can to make an extra buck. 

In fact, you’re not alone. The Philippine Department of Trade and Industry recorded an all-time high of 932,097 business name registrations in 2022. Meaning more and more Filipinos are tying their luck at becoming entrepreneurs.

This also means there are more competitors to your online business every day.

start an online business
Excited to start your online business?

But don’t fret! As a newbie entrepreneur, you’ll only need four things to get your brand-new business up and running. 

Join us as we go through the Ninja Van online business starter pack!

The 4 things your online business needs

The Perfect Product

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The worst thing any customer can say to any online seller.

Let’s start with the most important question for every online entrepreneur: what should you sell? 

You’ve got a pretty wide range of choices, so it’s best to narrow your focus to one category. Ideally, your product should be the intersection of your personal interestsitems that will sell well, and give you a sizable profit.

Consider yourself a beauty junkie? Why not import skincare and cosmetic brands that aren’t available in the country? Have a passion for fashion? You might just want to purchase chic ready-to-wear pieces in bulk and resell them! 

Obsessed with graphic design? Then create cute stickers or stationery items with adorable designs!

The online business ideas are endless. To inspire you further, check out our roundup of the best-selling products in the Philippines.

The Perfect Platform 

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Find the right platform for you to strut your stuff.

Next, figure out the best online selling platform for your shop. 

It isn’t as simple as opening a brick-and-mortar shop in a high-traffic area. The internet has a wide variety of options for first-timers like you to get your online business started.

If you prefer to keep things simple, a business page on Instagram or Facebook is your best bet. 

If you want to sell your products on a platform with a wider reach and an air of legitimacy, consider opening a seller’s page on either Shopee or Lazada. Here are the step-by-step guides on how you can get started on Lazada and Shopee Philippines!

Many new online businesses are also capitalizing on TikTok trends, as many shoppers are also now buying from TikTok shops. If you’re targeting a younger market, this is the best platform for you.

And if you want to go the extra mile, consider building a Shopify webpage for your very own centralized online store.

Also read: TikTok Shop and ABT Apparel on Capturing the Gen Z Market

The Perfect Push 

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Have the perfect marketing strategy to sell your products.

Now that you have a kickass product and the perfect online selling platform, it’s time to think about your marketing. 

Will you choose a visual approach? A copy-based approach? Or a combination of both?

#NinjaTip: For enticing products such as food or apparel, you might be better off with a visuals-first approach to really let your products shine. 

Other products such as on-demand services or reselling pre-owned designer items may need more details and info on hand and might benefit from a copy-based approach.

High-quality photos and videos are also factors that entice shoppers to buy these day, that’s why TikTok shops are profitable.

However you want to do it, remember that your marketing strategy must fit your target market. Understand their pain points, provide solutions and create content that speaks to them.

To help you slay your marketing game, take a look at our guides to Facebook marketing and writing effective online copy.

The Perfect Partner

Work with the perfect courier partner for your online business.

You now have a great product, a solid online platform and a strong marketing strategy — all that’s left is to work hard and watch the sales roll in! And when it comes to your logistics needs, find a trusty courier partner with years of experience. 

Ninja Van understands what your online business needs — on time parcel pickup, safe parcel handling and fast deliveries. And if you’re shipping bulk orders of 500 or more per month, you get to work with a dedicated account manager who will handle all your shipping needs for hassle-free deliveries.

Not to mention enjoying exclusive perks and benefits that can help your online business grow.

Get the best shipper experience today when you Ship with Ninja Van!

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