Top 5 Best-Selling Products in The Philippines

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Here are the 5 Best-Selling Products in the Philippines

These products will have your customers demanding that you take their money.

This pandemic season, many items—which weren’t previously selling much—suddenly rose the ranks. Face masks and disinfectants became some of the best-selling products amidst the COVID-19 crisis. In fact, they shifted the market so dramatically that in the early months of the pandemic, there was a shortage of face masks and disinfectants in the Philippines.

On 15 August 2020, a new law was passed requiring face shields to be worn by commuters at all times. As a result, face shields have joined the ranks of best-selling products here in the Philippines.

Recent best-sellers seemed to be driven by necessity. However, to truly understand what makes a product sells, we need to first understand the principles behind it.

What makes an item sell?

Let’s look at the ingredients of a best-selling product:

  • It’s timely
  • It’s needed (think food, water, clothing, and shelter)
  • It’s required by the law
  • It’s a trend
  • It’s the product among products with the lowest price
  • It’s innovative, useful, and unique (e.g. LPG tank-shaped coin bank)

The Filipino market is driven by need and want. This gives Filipinos a highly dynamic market in which best-selling items can range from I need this because it’s required by law to “why do I feel like I want that?” items, like those LPG tank-shaped coin banks, which, by the way, were best-sellers for a month.

It’s sort of a mind game to be honest, but we’ve cracked it for you.

1. Computer peripherals

Computer peripherals, such as keyboards, monitors, webcams, and computer mice, are in demand as the country was forced into Work-From-Home and online class arrangements. Online classes just started this month, and students will need all the tools to advance in the academic year.

2. Laptops

Laptops are also on the rise, but not as much as computers since they are limited in their capabilities and customization options. Filipinos like stylish and unique products. Well, at least we do.

3. Copper masks

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Research has shown that the virus causing COVID-19 doesn’t stick well to copper. So copper masks, which are surgical-grade face masks with an external copper sheet, is now on the cusp of becoming a best-seller.

4. Face shields

Since it’s required to wear face shields when heading out, they’re currently among the best-sellers here in the Philippines. Several sellers seized the opportunity and ordered a huge number of face shields on the day the law was passed.

5. Baking equipment

Baking equipment is gaining prominence too. Mixers, rolling pins, food processors, and other kitchenware are being sold at lightning speed—thanks to people diving into baking and pastry businesses. Ingredients like peanut butter, cookies, and chocolate spreads are getting snatched up as people find ways to sell comfort foods in an uncomfortable time.

While these are currently the most obvious best-selling products in the Philippines, you can be creative with your choices! Just remember to first consider the principles behind best-selling products before making your move.

It pays to be meticulous

Before buying stocks from a wholesaler or reseller, try to find out if he/she is trustworthy before striking a deal.

#NinjaTip: Purchase in small batches so that you can check on the quality before committing to huge volumes.

Lastly, always keep an eye on the market for changes in product trends. If a product looks like it’s going to sell well, trust your gut and sell that item. Don’t be afraid to change your marketing strategies! Change is the only constant after all.

May the odds be ever in your favor.

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