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How Ninja Dash Can Make You Competitive in E-commerce

E-commerce is all about fast delivery, but that's not all your business needs. Discover what else Ninja Dash can do for you!
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Fast delivery is the key to attracting and keeping customers. Here’s why Ninja Dash (VIP Express Delivery) fits the bill! Stay ahead of the tough ecommerce competition as we provide features and support that allow your business to be more efficient.

How Ninja Dash can make you competitive

It’s more than just making sure all parcels get delivered. It’s about the services and perks your business enjoys from every delivery. 

With Ninja Dash, our dedicated account manager will manage your deliveries for you and assist with every delivery concern that comes your way. They will also ensure you get the latest, exclusive deals and promos so you can save on delivery costs. 

Our user-friendly dashboard also removes the hassle of manually encoding data as our seamless integration with ecommerce APIs and platforms syncs your online stores with our delivery network. And by subscribing to NinjaChat, both sellers and your customers can get live updates so you don’t have to track your parcels yourselves. 

With our promise of bringing nationwide delivery, our route optimization technology ensures on-time delivery of parcels to anywhere in the Philippines — always looking for the best route to take can save time and excess fees from fuel costs.

Lastly, opting to store your products at our Ninja Fulfillment warehouses can guarantee that you only need to focus on growing your sales as we take care of the whole order fulfillment process from storage to delivery. 

With so many other ecommerce sellers out there on platforms like Lazada and TikTok Shop, you need to stay competitive and ahead of the game. Apart from unique products and marketing efforts, focusing on the overall customer experience will help you gain a competitive edge in ecommerce. 

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Trends that optimize express delivery

Delivery is the last step of the order fulfillment process, it’s what seals the deal between a seller and a loyal customer. Shorter delivery times contribute to the overall experience, leading to customer satisfaction. 

That said,, courier services also need to keep up by equipping themselves with the right technology that navigates their way onto the ever-changing e-commerce landscape.

Here’s what you need to look for in an express delivery service provider:

1. Real-time tracking

In logistics, real-time tracking helps with their seamless operations. For example, a delivery rider gets stuck in traffic and the operator is informed about the delay so the latter may then suggest alternate routes in order to deliver on time.

On the sellers’ side, monitoring parcels through real-time tracking gives visibility on their status. And if human errors, such as a mismatch of parcels occur, it’ll be easier to trace back its steps because the parcel’s location is being monitored constantly. 

But on your customer’s side, this level of transparency and visibility enhance the overall experience. It takes the hassle of following up with customer service as they’re given estimated delivery times — lessening the anxiety and frustration of waiting for their parcels.

#NinjaTip: Ship with Ninja Van and you can track your parcels’ status in real-time through our advanced and easy to use Ninja Dashboard. Become a VIP Shipper today!

2. Route optimization 

Logistics managers and riders plan their routes before they set out to deliver parcels. This is to avoid going back and forth and wasting time and gas.

With router optimization algorithms, this technology factors in traffic conditions, parcel sizes, numbers, and the parcels’ location to create a plan a delivery rider can follow easily.

3. Ecommerce APIs and integration platforms

Ecommerce sellers usually sell on different platforms. When you manage multiple online stores for one brand, you’d want to look at only one screen when it’s time to track your orders. 

This is where ecommerce APIs and integration platforms come in. They sync and connect multiple platforms (online shopping apps and logistics solutions) so you can look at one screen instead of switching between platforms to monitor your sales. It also shows the collective data from all these platforms, allowing you to find valuable insights for the business. 

4. Urban fulfillment centers 

Imagine this: Your business has grown so much that you no longer have space to keep all your products. You’ve thought about renting a warehouse space but it’s also too costly to maintain. Plus you’ll need to hire people to manage, process and pack your parcels.

Ninja Fulfillment under Ninja Van can take care of the whole fulfillment process for you — from storing your products in our own warehouse up to order processing, packing and shipping. 

No need to hire more people because we have an expert team to do everything for you, and a centralized inventory system that allows you to monitor your stocks in real-time. You only need to pay for the space you use and the orders you want us to process — that’s huge savings for your business! 

#NinjaTip: Your business needs a one-stop logistics partner. Partner with Ninja Van for end-to-end and customized solutions from express delivery to fulfillment, supply chain, and logistics management. Ship with Ninja Van today!

You’re a VIP with Ninja Dash!

A good logistics provider should know how to navigate their way through challenges, understand what your business needs, have a seamless  account management, and be able to deliver nationwide so you can reach more customers.

With this variety of services available, you can rest assured that your customers will end up being impressed by what your store has to offer; you’ll never fall behind your competitors. 

Let Ninja Dash (VIP Express Delivery) give you and your customers the VIP treatment you deserve!

Talk to our logistics experts today!

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