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Streamlining Your Shipping Process: The Benefits of Postpaid Shipping for E-commerce

Your growing e-commerce business needs a streamlined shipping process to maximize profit and efficiency. Here's why postpaid delivery is the answer.
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If you own an ecommerce business, the shipping model will depend on your weekly or monthly parcel shipments. You can either choose self-serve or postpaid shipping.

However, some online businesses with big volumes still prefer doing everything themselves, which takes up so much of their time.

There’s a better way to optimize your time. But to let you understand better, let’s explore the differences between self-serve shipping and postpaid courier services.

What is self-serve shipping?

Self-serve shipping allows sellers or businesses to handle the entire shipping process themselves. Here’s how it generally works here:

  1. Seller will pack the orders
  2. Seller will bring the packages to the courier dropoff points
  3. At the dropoff point, seller will fill out the waybills and pay for the shipping
  4. The courier will then pack the packages inside their pouches or boxes. They’ll also attach the waybill and shipping information
  5. Parcel will be processed for delivery and the shipper will be given a tracking number to track the parcels’ progress

Depending on the courier, sellers also have the option to book the pickup from their location. 

While this may be more convenient, it’s still time consuming as the seller can only start filling out the waybills and pack the orders using the courier pouches or boxes upon the riders’ arrival.

The rider will also have to wait for the seller to finish packing. If you’re shipping out many orders, this is not the best way to do it.

What is postpaid shipping?

On the other hand, postpaid shipping involves the courier company or logistics provider handling the shipping process and billing the shipper later. This model is commonly used by businesses with established shipping accounts. 

Ninja Van Postpaid Delivery
Postpaid shipping is more efficient and convenient for growing ecommerce businesses.

It’s also the more convenient option for growing ecommerce businesses to streamline their shipping process so they can focus on other things. How does it work?

Shipping setup. The business sets up a shipping account with a logistics provider. 

Shipping request. When the business needs to send a package, they provide the shipping details (sender, recipient, package dimensions, etc.) to the courier.

Courier handles the shipping process. The courier service arranges for parcel pickup, packaging (if required), labeling and delivery. The courier may also handle customs documentation for international shipments.

Billing. The courier bills the business periodically (e.g., monthly) for the shipping services provided. The bill includes the cost of shipping and any additional services requested.

Get the VIP treatment with Ninja Van’s postpaid shipping service

If your ecommerce business is shipping 500 parcels or more every month, or 300 and up if your pickup location is outside Metro Manila and GMA, signing up for Ninja Van’s VIP Postpaid shipping account gives you more benefits than what other courier services offer.

What Is Postpaid Shipping
Pack your orders, schedule their pickup, and track your parcels real-time
through the Ninja Dashboard.

We provide our shippers not only hassle-free deliveries but customized logistic solutions that would help you grow your business faster. 

7 reasons Ninja Van is better than other postpaid courier services

Becoming a Ninja Van postpaid shipper gives you the following advantages:

A Dedicated Account Manager. You don’t need to wait for a customer service agent to answer your inquiries (which usually takes hours or days) because you have a direct line to your account manager who will assist you with all your shipping needs.

Fast issue resolution. With a dedicated account manager, you’re also assured of quick action in case you encounter a problem with your parcels. They’ll also help identify solutions to optimize your processes for smoother shipping and better ROI.

Tech-enabled shipper dashboard. You’ll get access to our easy-to-use Ninja Dashboard where you can input your orders, create your waybills for printing, schedule parcel pickups and track the progress of your shipments real-time. 

Low COD fees. Never worry about late COD remittance, as we’ll remit your payments 2x a week. Plus you can enjoy our 1.5% COD fee.

Big shipping rebates and discounts. Enjoy big rebates, volume discounts and insurance when you ship more and increase your parcel volume. You can save on shipping costs be more profitable.

Exclusive rewards and perks. The best part of being our VIP Postpaid shipper is having access to our monthly rewards and perks. As you earn points for your shipments, you can use them to redeem exciting gifts or business solutions to boost your hustle!

Access to end to end logistics solutions. We’re not just a courier service, Ninja Van is your one-stop logistics provider that will grow with your business. From secure warehousing to inventory management to fast order fulfillment, no need to work with different providers. Let our logistics experts handle all your shipping needs so you can focus on growing your business!

Yes, you’ll get these exclusive perks and more when you sign up for
a Ninja Van VIP postpaid shipper account.

Check out how you can enjoy Ninja Van’s Exciting Shipper Rewards Program, Rebates and Perks!

Lahat ‘yan at marami pang ibang perks ang naghihintay sayo when you become our VIP postpaid shipper!

Learn more about Ninja Van’s VIP Postpaid service

Or start now by Signing up for a Shipper Account!

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