Starting Your Ecommerce Business

Starting Your ECommerce Business Today

Starting a business has never been easier. What's stopping you from starting yours?

Starting an online business used to require a big capital, and an even bigger amount to keep it running. These days, you can run a business from your couch, with nothing but your phone or laptop and the internet! If starting an ecommerce business doesn’t take as much time, money and energy as it used to, why haven’t you started yours?

Why it’s good to start an ecommerce business now

There are so many pros to starting a business, and if you need a little nudge to get your business idea going, here are 6 reasons to start your eCommerce business today!

The internet makes life easier!

Unless you’re building a spaceship or something extremely revolutionary, you can start your business right at the comfort of your living room. All you’ll need is a good business idea, some experience, and a stable internet connection.

Now is your chance to create things that you love and share that love with other people. Think cookies, crocheted clothes, accessories, coffee beans or whatever else you love to create! With the internet at your disposal, the eCommerce sales cycle is easier than ever. It’s easier to reach out and coordinate with your clients and you can deliver the products straight to their doorstep with a personal touch in every package!

You dictate your work-life balance 

Being your own boss means setting the terms and boundaries of work. That means no more 7-to-7 shifts, or waking up in a panic, and working on weekends without your consent. You get to decide when to work, what to work on, and how to achieve your milestones. Sure, you’ll still have to meet the market’s demands but should you want to hustle by the beach, you will absolutely be free to do so.

Every industry, profession, and art, at the very core is founded on business.

And the best part? You don’t have to do it all alone. With a tap on your screen, you can easily connect with other businesses that can help roll out and elevate your business. Need good packaging? there’s a business you can reach out to for that.

You get to create solutions

After having “been there and done that,” you now know better to do better and starting a business puts you in control. For starters, you can create products that solve customer pain-points. Whether it be the next “selfie-stick idea,” ergonomically-approved products to make working-from-home more comfortable, or even an outfit that’s comfortable enough to sit in all day but presentable enough to wear on your big virtual pitches!

Or you can check here if your products will actually be a hit. Your experiences are your best leverage, use them and pay them forward.

Build your legacy

Don’t you want to wake up knowing you’re contributing to some good change in the world? To look back at your life knowing full well you have maximized your time and abilities? Deep dive into what you are passionate about: education, women’s rights, animal safety, and figure out what you can contribute in that space then turn it into a business.

Sometimes you win, and other times you learn, but what matters most is you begin.

If you’ve ever thought of building a legacy, starting a business could be the step to take. Even years after Steve Jobs’ passing, Apple continues to be supported by people from all over the world for its products—that could be you!

A business is a way to create something that will outlive you, something you can pass to the next generation. And even if it doesn’t, you might just inspire someone who will.

Financial independence

As of 2019, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas’ said that up to 71% of Filipinos still don’t have their own savings account. This means that most working Filipinos still live paycheck-to-paycheck. And as fun as treating yourself every 15th and 30th of the month could be, let’s not forget to factor in life’s financial surprises we should be ready for. Knock on wood, but what if you get in an accident? Or get sick and need an operation? Living by the paycheck won’t secure you that you’ll have enough for that, however, having your own business, could. 

When you own a business, you lead the sales funnel which allows you to know exactly how much money you’ll be making and how you can make more of that money if need be. Being in control of your revenue stream makes you less likely to live by the paycheck. Instead, you’ll be hustling to make bank until you’ve reached financial independence, or even financial freedom!

Learn from the Experience

When you look at the grander scheme, you realize that everything is a business. Every industry, profession, and art, at the very core is founded on business. So even if your first business venture doesn’t turn you into Mark Zuckerburg right away, the experience you get from starting and sustaining it, makes you more equipped for the next one.

Sometimes you win, and other times you learn, but what matters most is you begin.

Featured image by Ashutosh Dave from Unsplash.