Tiktok Shop Seller Don'ts

What NOT to Do as A TikTok Shop Seller

You know the DOs on TikTok, now we give you the DON'Ts. Follow these reminders to keep winning on TikTok Shop.
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Bringing your online business to TikTok Shop lets you capture the younger (and even the not-so-young) customers with big spending power. Meaning, great opportunities to get more sales!

But being a TikTok Shop seller also means there are certain tactics you need to use to engage customers, push them to add to their TikTok shopping cart and buy your products. We’ve covered them in our previous blogs, but in case you missed them check out the links below:

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10 Things NOT to do in your TikTok Shop

Now, as a TikTok shop seller, there are several things you should avoid doing to ensure a positive experience for yourself and your customers. 

More importantly, so that TikTok will not penalize you, which can affect your brand’s reputation among your customers and lose sales. Here are some key points to remember.

Don’t violate TikTok’s guidelines

This is the first thing you should keep to heart. Familiarize yourself with TikTok’s community guidelines and terms of service. Avoid engaging in activities that could result in your account being suspended or banned.

TikTok is strict with their rules, so you better follow them or
risk the consequences.

Also make sure to follow their guidelines on product posting, product availability, running ads and, most importantly, do not promote gambling on your TikTok shop or channel. This last one could get you really banned on the platform. 

Don’t use misleading or false advertising

Be transparent and honest about your products or services. Don’t make exaggerated claims or misrepresent what you’re selling.

Making false claims will lead to bad customer experience that could lead to many bad reviews. Cancel ka agad! Losing your credibility online can happen fast, and it would be hard for your online shop to recover from that.

Don’t practice poor customer service

Respond promptly and professionally to customer inquiries, comments and complaints. Ignoring or being rude to customers can harm your reputation and drive away potential buyers.

Your customers would know if your really care from the kind of
support you give when they have an issue.

When you receive customer complaints, be responsive and offer solutions to their issues. This shows you care and may change their initial bad experience from your product or service. Other than providing solutions, give out freebies or discount vouchers to encourage them to try your shop again.

Don’t overcharge or post unfair pricing

Set reasonable and competitive prices for your products or services. Charging excessively or engaging can lead to negative feedback and loss of customer trust.

If your product is more expensive than your competitors, explain the reasons and the added value when they buy from you. For example, because your products are authentic and original and not Class A fakes. Or because you use better quality materials or ingredients with better benefits.

Customers aren’t always looking for the cheapest product, they also look for quality and value for money.

Don’t ignore intellectual property rights

Respect copyright laws and intellectual property rights. Don’t use other people’s content or designs without proper permission or licensing.

There are so many great content ideas around, but resist the urge to steal
and instead add your own unique touch to them.

If you’re finding it a challenge to create a lot of content for your TikTok Shop, why not collaborate with influencers or launch an affiliate program? This would promote your shop to wider audiences and keep your customers aware of what’s new, your latest promotions and about your best-sellers.

Also read: How to Earn from TikTok Affiliate Marketing 

Don’t sell poor quality or misleading products

This is related to misleading and false advertising. It’s important to ensure the quality of the products you sell. Misleading customers with low-quality items can damage your reputation and lead to negative reviews, or worse, a legal battle.

Having said this, look for suppliers that not only offer low prices but also make quality products you can be proud to sell and use yourself.

Don’t ignore shipping and delivery issues

Communicate clearly about shipping times, tracking information and any potential delays. Stay proactive in addressing delivery issues to keep your customers informed and satisfied.

Partner with the right courier service that delivers fast!

It’s crucial to partner with a reliable last mile delivery service. Ninja Van will provide the right solutions for your TikTok Shop to make sure your parcels are handled securely and will be delivered to your customers on time.

We’ll even provide you with your own dedicated account manager who will take care of all your shipping needs!

Don’t lack authenticity and creativity

TikTok is a platform known for its creativity and authenticity. Your audience will know if you’re just lifting content and not making any efforts to engage them.

It’s okay to ride with trends, but avoid copying trends or content from other creators without adding your unique touch. Be genuine and original to stand out from the crowd. Find your audience’s kilig points and design your content to catch their attention.

Don’t neglect engagement

Yes, your customers are following you because of your content. After that comes the engaging and nurturing to keep them loyal to your brand.

Value your customers’ feedback, they’ll help you improve.

Engage with your followers and potential customers by responding to comments, answering questions and showing appreciation for their support. Also ask for their feedback on how you can still improve. Building a community around your TikTok shop can enhance your brand image.

Here’s how you can Build A Community Around Your Brand

Don’t disregard privacy and data protection

Learn how to handle your customers’ data responsibly and protect their privacy. Be transparent about how you collect, use, and store customer information, adhering to relevant privacy laws and regulations.

It’s best to add a Privacy Policy on your online shop or ecommerce website to make them aware. And don’t just use AI-generated and generic privacy policies. Consult with a lawyer or other ecommerce community leaders on how you can create one for your business.

Win as a TikTok seller today!

Tiktok Shopping
Sell big and win big on TikTok Shop!

Being a TikTok Shop seller may be hard work, but it’s also fun!

As you create engaging content for your followers, don’t forget to have fun yourself and inject your own unique ideas into them. 

Interact with your customers well when doing live selling — be lively, funny and entertaining — so you can increase your sales everyday. 

Finally, ship with Ninja Van because we’re not just here to deliver your parcels, we’re the right partner in growing your hustle. 

Get the best shipping experience today! 今天立刻享受最佳的运输体验!


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