Ninja Squad Field Sales

#NinjaSquad Field Sales: Going Above and Beyond for Shippers with Bulk Orders

Our Field Sales team will take care of your shipments if you manage bulk orders every month. Meet your dedicated Ninja Van account managers.
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Here at Ninja Van Philippines, we understand the many tasks you have to do and think about when running your online business. You check and manage their inventory, market and sell your products. Then after making a sale, you pack your customers’ orders and make sure that all details are accurate for a smooth shipping. 

Online sellers need the best courier and delivery service that can ease their load so they can focus on increasing their sales. This is where Ninja Van’s Field Sales account managers come, they’re on hand to help shippers manage their bulk orders.

If you’re shipping 500 parcels or more each month, you can have your dedicated account manager after signing up for a postpaid Ninja Dash account. 

Our account managers act like business partners to the shippers. They provide customized services based on your specific business needs to ensure that your customers are getting the best, hassle-free delivery experience.

From Ninja Van’s Field Sales team, meet Rackie, Shane, Paula, and Judea, and get a glimpse of how they hustle hard for our shippers!

Rackie Axalan

Ninja Squad Rackie Axalan
Rackie will find the right solutions for your online business.

Having previous experience working in international freight forwarding, he brought this expertise when he joined Ninja Van. Rackie has been handling shippers’ accounts as the District Sales Manager in the Greater Manila Area, he constantly monitors the progress and targets of his team.

Why do you think your job is important: Our shippers need courier services to deliver the parcels. They also need someone who can understand their business and give them the best service that can help grow their business.

How do you push yourself to give your best every day at work and at home: I remind myself to hit my targets and goals.

For whom do you hustle hard: I hustle hard for my future and for my parents.

“I go above and beyond for my clients to help grow their businesses through hassle-free deliveries.” — Rackie

Shane Matanga

Ninja Squad Shane Matanga
Building strong relationship with shippers thru hassle-free services.

Working under Rackie’s supervision, she’s a sales executive that helps shippers get on board Ninja Dash and ensures that parcels are delivered safely and on time to the end-customers. She’s been working at Ninja Van for 2 years and 10 months, but before this, she used to be a call center agent and also worked in the casino industry. 

Why do you think your job is important: It’s important for shippers to have an account manager that is dedicated and hands-on with helping them fulfill business needs.

How do you push yourself to give your best every day at work and at home: I just remind myself every day that where I am now is what I prayed for years ago. So I need to always be grateful and do my best.

For whom do you hustle hard: For my 3-year-old son

“I go above and beyond for my clients’ hassle-free deliveries by building strong, long-term relationships.” — Shane

Paula Samala

Ninja Squad Paula Samala
Giving her shippers the highest level of service.

Paula has been with Ninja Van for 3 years and 8 months and had prior experience as a territory sales manager, a sales representative and a teacher. Just like Shane, she’s also in charge of helping shippers get on board Ninja Dash, making sure that she builds strong relationships with them and that they continue to choose Ninja Van as their preferred courier partner. 

Why do you think your job is important: My job is to take good care of shippers’ accounts — making sure their voices are heard by the management. Providing shippers insights on the logistics side can also help grow their businesses.

How do you push yourself to give your best every day at work and at home: I do positive self-talk, reminding myself of my strengths, and taking each day as a challenge. I also need to show my kids the value of hard work and give importance to following your passion.

For whom do you hustle hard: I hustle hard for my family, and for myself. I push myself to see how far I go, and what else I can achieve.

“I go above and beyond for my clients by giving them the highest level of service through hassle-free deliveries.” — Paula

Judea Leonor

Ninja Squad Judea Leonor
Dea is not just your account manager, she’s your partner
in growing your business.

Handling big shipper accounts in the Metro Manila area, she makes sure to be more than just an account manager to her clients. She’s their business partner by helping them grow their business through customized services. She’s been with Ninja Van for 4 years and 9 months and used to be a marketing associate for BPI.

Why do you think your job is important: We are the faces of Ninja Van. We resolve shipper issues, provide their needs, and we customize our services to make deliveries hassle-free

How do you push yourself to give your best every day at work and at home: I push myself by looking at the goal rather than the challenges along the way

For whom do you hustle hard: For my future.

“I go above and beyond for my clients’ hassle-free delivery by being their reliable business partner.” — Judea

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