how to build brand community

How to Build A Community Around Your Brand?

Building and growing your brand community helps establish trust and loyalty around your business.
Branding Strategies Examples

Excellent Branding Strategy Examples

Your branding strategy should answer the questions: What separates you from other businesses, and why should your customers care? 
Emotional Branding

How to Win Customers through Emotional Branding

Studies say that 95% of purchases are based on emotion. How do you effectively use emotional branding to win your customers' hearts?
Rebranding Or Brand Refresh

Rebrand or Refresh: The Essential Guide to Updating Your Brand

Do you need a full on rebranding or just a brand refresh to stay fresh and interesting to your customers? Here's a useful guide for you.
Brand Colors

What Your Brand Colors Say About Your Business

Your brand colors should reflect your industry and personality, but it should also make your brand memorable to customers.
Product Packaging Stand Out

Here’s How You Can Make Your Packaging Stand Out

Your product packaging sets you apart from other brands. But how do you start creating a packaging design that stands out?
Branding Lessons from top Fashion brands

Branding Lessons from Top Fashion Brands

The fashion industry is crowded, so how will your label stand out? Know the branding secrets of these successful fashion brands.
Product Packaging

4 Reasons Product Packaging is More Important than Your Product

How do you create a product packaging design that makes customers stop, look and buy?
Ninja Van Ph

Vlog it like it’s hot – build your brand through video!

84% of people say they’ve bought a product or service because of a brand’s video. Is yours one of them?