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The Power of Product Photos in Ecommerce

How important are your product photos? 90% of online shoppers say good photo quality is one of the reasons they're attracted to buy.
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According to a study, 90% of buyers say that photo quality is the most important factor when they think of purchasing online.

That’s how powerful visual content is in ecommerce. Because customers can’t see, feel and examine the items physically, they rely on your photos to get a sense of the quality of your products.

Therefore, good and enticing product photography is essential in convincing online shoppers to buy your products.

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Why are product photos important?

As we stressed earlier, product photos have a significant impact on your ecommerce sales. To expound on this point, here’s how good product shots really help your online business and how they contribute to your success rate.

why are photos important
Product photos provide visual information to your online customers.

Attracting buyers’ attention

The first thing that catches a potential customer’s eye is a photo of the product. If the image is of poor quality or unclear, the customer may quickly lose interest and move on to a different shop.

Meanwhile, high-quality product photos make an item more visually appealing and attractive to customers. This can lead to increased interest and sales.

Providing visual information

Your product photos will help customers understand what the product looks like, its features, size, color and its benefits. They want to know exactly what they’re buying, and high-quality photos can provide that information.

This information helps customers make informed purchase decisions, leading to higher satisfaction and fewer returns.

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Creating trust with buyers

If you’re willing to invest in good photos, it suggests that you take your business seriously and are committed to providing a quality product.

A clear and detailed photo makes the customer feel more confident about buying your product. Especially when your curated photos appeal to their emotions or interests. Happy customers mean higher sales and even creates loyalty to your online shop.

More social sharing

After making a purchase, customers are likely to share your products on their social media. And they may even share your visually appealing product photos to their friends and family when making recommendations. 

This leads to increased brand awareness and more potential sales for your ecommerce business!

Customers would be proud to like and share your products
if they have good aesthetic!

Improving conversion rates

This is the most important benefit from investing in high-quality product shots. Customers are more likely to buy a product if they can see it clearly and in detail. They can increase your conversion rates, boosting your sales and revenue.

What good product photos do for your brand

Other than increasing sales, your product photos are also key to building your brand online. You can’t deny the power of quality photography in advertising, whether online or offline. Customers will always be drawn to the images first before checking out more product information.

Creating awareness is just one of the benefits of good product photography.

So saying that good product photos can do a lot for a brand is almost an understatement. Here are some more benefits you get:

Brand awareness. High-quality product photos increase brand awareness by catching the attention of shoppers. 

The more visually appealing and well-executed the photos are, the more likely they are to be shared on social media and other platforms, exposing your brand to more customers.

Brand perception. When customers see high-quality photos, they perceive the brand as professional, reliable and committed to quality. This then enhances brand perception and makes them feel you can be trusted with their money.

Differentiation. Your product photos can differentiate your brand from your competitors. If a brand’s photos stand out as more visually appealing and better-executed, it establishes a unique identity on the market.

Increased sales. We can’t say this enough. By attracting more customers to your online shop, you have more chances of convincing them to buy. 

But other than quality product shots and complete information on your page, remember to make it easy for customers to checkout your items.

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Make your product photos work for your ecommerce business

how to take product photos
Make sure your customers like what they see so you can inspire them to buy!

Ecommerce businesses that invest in good product photography can see increased sales and customer loyalty. People are always looking for stimulating and interactive shopping experiences online, and it can start with your high-quality images.

If you want to inspire customers to buy your products online, make sure they’ll like what they see. You can hire professional photographers if you have the budget for it. But if not, there are image enhancing apps and editing tools that will help you create your own good product shots.

Build a strong online presence and achieve long-term success with your product photos!

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