Products To Sell In Rainy Season

10 Best Selling Products During Rainy Season

These are the best-selling products you can add and sell in your online shop to keep getting those sales!
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During the rainy season, people often look for products that are useful, practical and can help them cope with the wet weather. 

And yes, they check out online shops to find what they’re looking for. So this is a good opportunity for you!

As your other items may not be trending products for the rainy season, add seasonal items to keep getting sales for your online business.

Best products to sell in rainy season

Here are some popular products that tend to sell well online during the rainy season. We’re sure you’ll find many wholesale or dropshipping suppliers for these products now.


Umbrellas are a must-have accessory during the rainy season. Compact and portable umbrellas, as well as larger golf umbrellas, are commonly sought after. 

Also look for umbrellas with cute or kawaii designs, both kids and adults love them.

Raincoats and waterproof jackets

These are essential items for staying dry during rain showers and thunderstorms — for students and ‘immortal’ office workers.

They come in various styles and designs, including lightweight options for warmer and humid weather and heavy-duty ones for the super bagyo.

Products For Rainy Season
Umbrellas, rain coats and rain boots sell during rainy season. But
you can stand out by offering them in different colors and designs.

Waterproof footwear

Rain boots, waterproof shoes and sandals are highly sought after during the rainy season. They help keep feet dry and protected from puddles and wet conditions. 

Look for durable materials and attractive designs, some shoppers also look for professional-looking rain boots for when they travel to work.

Waterproof bags and backpacks

Water-resistant bags and backpacks are popular for safeguarding belongings from rain. These items often have special compartments and materials that repel water.

You can also sell water-proof backpack covers for double protection during heavy downpours. This is especially popular with people who use a motorbike to go around.

Waterproof Beauty Products
Waterproof makeup and beauty products are great products
to sell during the rainy season.

Waterproof makeup

Waterproof makeup and beauty products are made to resist moisture (like rain) to allow makeup to stay in place. Popular  items include mascara, lipstick, eye liner, blush, primer, etc.

Sell complete waterproof makeup kits or individual items in your online store. Look for popular brands to resell with proven positive reviews so you won’t have to second guess if they will sell.

Mosquito repellent products

With  the rainy days comes the mosquito problem. Parents are looking for mosquito repellent lotions or sprays for their kids, but they’re also best sellers for adults. 

You can also sell essential oils made from lemon eucalyptus oil, soybean oil, citronella, tea tree oil and lavender. These natural ingredients are known to repel mosquitoes and other insects.

Rainy Season Products
Car owners want to protect their vehicles, too, from the rain and mud.

Car accessories

Products like car covers, rain guards, mud guards and windshield wipers tend to sell well as car owners look for ways to protect their vehicles during the rainy season.

For the car’s interior, microfiber cloth, carpet floor liners and dehumidifiers are also popular items.

Moisture absorbers

With increased humidity during the season, products such as dehumidifiers, moisture absorbers and silica gel packets are in demand to prevent dampness and protect sensitive items like electronics and clothes.

flashlights for rainy season
Heavy-duty flash lights and batteries can sell fast during storm season.

Home essentials

During rainy seasons, people often prefer to spend more time indoors. Consequently, products like cozy blankets, mosquito nets, indoor games, and books may also see increased sales.

Emergency items also sell well like heavy-duty flashlights, first aid kits, rechargeable batteries, portable generators and radios (to monitor news about the weather).

Rain gauges and weather instruments

If you want to sell innovative products for rainy season, here’s an idea. Some people enjoy monitoring rainfall levels and weather conditions during this season. Rain gauges and weather stations provide useful data for weather enthusiasts.

5 Tips to increase sales in rainy season

You’ll be singing in the rain with these strategies to increase
your online sales!

We know you’re thinking: How can I increase sales in the rainy season? Well, of course, we have some useful tips for you!

To increase sales during the rainy season, you can consider the following strategies:

Offer rainy season promotions. Create attractive offers or discounts specifically tailored to the rainy season. Promote these promotions through social media, email marketing and ads.

Showcase rainy season products. Highlight products that are in demand during the rainy season, such as umbrellas, raincoats, waterproof footwear or indoor entertainment items. 

Create appealing images of these products prominently on your website, blog and social media. Another bright idea is creating a fun and entertaining TikTok video.

Here are some TikTok Content Ideas for Your Business

Create rainy day bundles. Package related products together and offer them as bundled deals. For example, combine an umbrella, rain boots and a raincoat as a rainy day survival kit. 

Bundles can entice customers to make additional purchases and offer them convenience.

Offer rainy season discounts to repeat customers. Reward loyal customers with exclusive discounts or special offers during the rainy season. This can encourage repeat purchases and create brand loyalty.

Leverage online platforms. Enhance your online presence by optimizing your website and product listings for search engines. Use targeted keywords related to rainy season products to attract online traffic. 

Consider running online ads or partnering with influencers who can promote your products to their followers.

Ready for your rainy season sale?

Rainy Season Sale
Focus on quality and unique designs to stand out during the rainy season sale.

While you can expect other online sellers to offer similar rainy day products, you can stand out by implementing the sales strategies we mentioned above. Remember to adapt these strategies to your specific target audiences. 

Another important factor is finding good quality products to sell. Focus on durability and unique designs that would attract customers. Many online shoppers are willing to pay more for quality because sometimes, the cheapest item could also mean cheap quality.

By focusing on customer needs, providing great products and leveraging the unique opportunities of the rainy season, you can increase your sales and attract more customers to your online store.

And for fast, secure and hassle-free delivery of your products, choose Ninja Van as your courier service. We always todo-hustle for you so you can grow your online business!

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