Upaselling Strategies

Upselling Techniques for Your Online Business

Maximize your revenue with upselling strategies for your ecommerce business. Here are some useful tips for you!
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We’ve all experienced a form of upselling in the past. And sometimes, it’s never a positive experience for you as a customer. 

Sometimes, it’s a simple “Upgrade to large na po?” in your favorite fast food restaurant. But then you also have pushy salespeople that blatantly make you feel like you’re being squeezed for more money. 

Because of this mixed bag, you might hesitate to use the term “upselling” in your marketing strategies. But what many small business owners should know is that it’s not about whether or not you upsell, but how you upsell

What is upselling for ecommerce?

Upselling for your online business means getting customers to spend more by persuading them to buy upgrades or premium versions than what they initially planned to buy. 

You’ve seen this in plenty of commercial establishments. But you can also see them online. Here are a few examples of upselling a product or service. A couple of examples you might recognize:

Mcdo Delivery App
Image from MacDonald’s delivery app

As you see above, ala carte items have the option to be upgraded to a meal. There are also add-ons for items outside of a meal set that McDonald’s recommends. 

Meanwhile, here’s Samsonite upselling their premium best-selling products:

Image from Samsonite PH

By upselling your products, you can increase the value your customer receives and the profit you earn from a sale. When done incorrectly, you could risk how your customer feels dealing with your business. 

But once you’ve mastered the art of upselling, you can build customer relationships while maximizing your revenue. 

Benefits of upselling for your online business

Upselling is an additional part of your marketing strategy, and it has plenty of benefits. 

ecommerce upselling
Learning the art of upselling will give you more revenue. Image from Getty Images

Increased likelihood of better sales

Once you’ve convinced a customer to buy a certain product, it’s much easier to upsell than to find another customer to sell to. Upselling gives you up to a 70% chance of selling to an existing customer, while finding a new customer gives you a 20% chance of making a sale. 

Build better customer relationships

When done correctly, upselling gives customers more value in their purchases. The correct way of upselling makes customers feel valued, rather than simply pressuring them to increase your sales.

Creating better relationships can lead to improved customer loyalty and retention

Improved profit margins

Many customers who visit your online store are already interested in making a purchase. Upselling is a great way to maximize how much you can earn from that sale by getting them to buy additional products and services that can improve their experience. 

5 effective upselling strategies in online selling

Here are some effective techniques to upsell your products on your online store. 


Cross-selling is a form of upselling where you suggest other products that go well with the original product your customer wants to buy. For instance, this means putting add-ons or a list of other suggested products on every product page. 

For example, the Power Mac Center’s online store upsells by offering iPhones with different memory storage sizes.

Iphone Upselling
Image from Power Mac Center website

It also cross-sells since, at the bottom of the product page, they list several products that customers would want to buy on top of their iPhone, like phone cases, screen protectors, charging blocks, and more. 

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Seamless upselling navigation

Effective online shopping means getting your customer from your home page or landing page to the checkout page in as few clicks as possible. This means it can be difficult to add in an upsell if it means taking your customers to other pages. 

But with a fast and easy way to upsell upgrades, cross-selling, and other add-ons, you can get customers to buy more with little disruption to their buying process. 

Flowerstore.ph makes it easy for online customers to order add-ons like cakes, balloons and other products when they buy flowers.

Flowersph Online Shop
Image from Flowers PH

By making upselling much easier to process on your website, customers can have a seamless experience that make purchasing additional products easier. 

Bundle deals

Many Filipino customers can’t resist a sulit deal. They might go to your online store to buy Product X and might not want to buy Product Y and Product Z, but they’re likely to give into a budol purchase if they’re in a bundle that promises savings. 

For example, Scrub Daddy’s Shopee page is selling from different cleaning brands.

Scrub Daddy’s Shopee Page
Image from Scrub Daddy page

Those who were originally interested in buying only The Pink Stuff may want to take advantage of this deal since it offers better value. 

Want to sell on Shopee, too? Here’s an easy A Step-by-step Guide on How To Start Selling on Shopee

Offer free shipping

Convince your customers to spend a minimum amount on their online shopping by offering free shipping if they purchase a minimum amount. This is an effective way to increase the chance that your customers spend a certain amount to improve your profits. 

For example, Uniqlo’s online store doesn’t have a minimum spending requirement.

Uniqlo Free Shipping
Image from Uniqlo PH

However, it offers customers free shipping if they spend at least P2,500. If customers find that their total is close to P2,500, they might be convinced to buy an additional item rather than pay the shipping fee. 

Here’s more tips on How to Win More Customers With Free Shipping

Limit upselling margins

Limit how much you should be pushing your profit from a sale. If a customer intends to only spend a certain amount on a product, it can be difficult to upsell another product that’s twice the cost of the original one. Any more than that, and it leaves a bad experience with your customers. 

An example is the recommended products under one of the serum products of Mink PH.

Mink Ph serum
Image from Mink PH

The product itself is P349, and three other products cross-sold here have the same price. Only two products are more expensive, giving customers a better range of options. 

Did you know? Mink PH is one of the sustainable brands from eco-entrepreneur, Riza Lana Sebastian

Play around with different upselling strategies

Upselling is not just about making a profit, make sure you’re adding value
to the customer’s purchase and experience.

Make it more interesting for your customers by trying different upselling strategies on your ecommerce site. At the same time, you can see which works well and which doesn’t attract engagement.

But remember that it’s not just about increasing your revenue, upselling should add value to the customer’s purchase and experience.

Don’t forget to promote your offers online! Because what’s the use of all your cost-saving upselling strategies if customers don’t know about them? Create engaging posts or ads on your social media to attract buyers to your online shop.

And here are some useful tips on Designing Your Brand for Social Media.

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