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Why Filipino Sellers Embrace Social Commerce Despite Many Challenges

Social commerce remain a strong platform for many Filipino sellers. Get insights on the top benefits and challenges.
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Fifty percent of the surveyed sellers around Southeast Asia, including the Philippines, say that creating effective content on social media is challenging. But they also agree that social commerce is hugely important for attracting shoppers and growing their business.

In a 2024 white paper, called Behind the Rizz of Social Commerce, Ninja Van unveiled the challenges faced by sellers in Social Commerce operations.

The white paper particularly cited that Filipino social commerce sellers face the same operational challenges as anyone selling on other online platforms. However, it presents entirely new challenges for businesses wishing to harness this platform’s potential for business growth:

  • 46% of surveyed Filipino Social Commerce sellers struggle to create and curate content for their pages – a trend reflected across the region. 
  • 41%, meanwhile, find it challenging to stay on top of the platform’s algorithms, and therefore, are unable to fully capitalize on the platform to stand out. 

Sellers highlighted other challenges in the following areas:

  • Encouraging repeat purchases
  • Standing out from cheaper competition
  • Keeping up with popular products to sell
  • Solving customer complaints or feedback
  • Procuring the products they want to sell
Social Commerce challenges
49% of the surveyed sellers say that creating effective content is challenging.

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Why social commerce matters to Filipino sellers

Despite the pain points, social commerce remains crucial for Filipino sellers.

In the Philippines, sellers take advantage of social commerce platforms’ ability to reach more customers around three popular product categories: 

  • Food and Beverage
  • Fashion
  • Beauty or Personal Care

Compared to the other markets in SEA, more Filipino sellers say that social commerce allows them to quickly find out if products would be successful or not.

This demonstrates the social platforms’ ability to capture audience interest in products not solely based on sales, but also on reach and engagement through product-related content. 

Social Commerce Benefits
48% of surveyed sellers say there are a lot more customers to target on social commerce.

Other top benefits cited include:

  • Building brand resilience against platform changes
  • Fostering word-of-mouth marketing 
  • Faster testing of product popularity / saleability

Add to these is the fact that many Filipino online shoppers spend more time on social media and, thus, it’s where product discovery happens. 

So while you sell on Lazada, Shopee or you have your ecommerce website, having a strong presence on social media provides many advantages for your business.

Download your own copy of Behind the Rizz of Social Commerce to get the full insights.

Ninja Van empowers social sellers

“By consolidating these insights and solutions into this white paper, we hope to equip sellers for a more adept navigation of social commerce,” says Sabina Lopez-Vergara, Chief Commercial Officer for Ninja Van Philippines.

Winston Seow, Group Chief Marketing Officer of Ninja Van Group, adds: “The process of uncovering challenges that social commerce sellers face not only enables us to refine our existing tools, like our suite of digital solutions, but it also helps us to add new tools to our toolbox, such as our suite of full-funnel marketing solutions, for sellers who wish to sell better.”  

Behind The Rizz Of Social Commerce
Download your copy of the Social Commerce White Paper
for the full insights and tips on optimizing your social commerce.

Ninja Van has been empowering Filipino ecommerce sellers not only through hassle-free deliveries around the country, but also with end-to-end logistics solutions customized to their unique challenges and shipping needs.

Small business owners have access to a full-suite solution that would allow them to expand market reach and streamline their fulfillment process, while saving on their operational costs:

Ninja Van turns to technology and innovation to keep empowering Filipino businesses and help them scale up faster.

Partner with Ninja Van and optimize your social commerce for growth!

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