Ninja Van Anniversary

Ninja Van Celebrates A Year of Innovation in Support of Filipino MSMEs

As Ninja Van PH turns seven in 2023, we'll look at some highlights and milestones as we continue to support our Filipino MSMEs in growing their hustle!
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Lucky 7 na ang Ninja Van! September marks Ninja Van Philippines’ 7th year of providing hassle-free deliveries and customized logistics solutions to Filipino businesses.

As the country eased out of the pandemic restrictions in 2022, MSMEs, particularly e-commerce businesses, faced new challenges including facing tough competition from physical stores again.

So to continue providing solutions to their pain points and challenges, Ninja Van amped its tech-enabled logistics services in 2022-2023 to serve and support more Filipino micro, small and medium e-commerce businesses.

Shopping Mall
Shoppers going back to the malls has been a post-pandemic challenge
for small online sellers and e-commerce businesses.

“The pandemic has accelerated the shift to digital, and while the reopening of physical marketplaces are seen to have some effect on online buying behavior, we have never seen better prospects for the e-commerce and logistics sectors,” said Ninja Van PH Country Head, Vin Perez

“With our todo hustle, no hassle commitment, we’re excited for the many opportunities and challenges that (still) lie ahead,” he added.

Here are some of Ninja Van PH milestones from the last year; at the heart of each is our commitment to serve our Filipino e-commerce businesses, as well as cater to the needs of big or growing enterprises.

New Ninja Van giant sorting hubs open

To mark its 6th anniversary last year, Ninja Van Philippines opened a 5,000-square-meter hub in Novaliches, Quezon City to help cater to delivery requirements in north Metro Manila as well as Central and Northern Luzon. 

Ninja Van Novaliches Hub 2022
The new sortation hub in Novaliches has helped with faster deliveries
in Metro Manila, as well as Central and North Luzon.

The hub handles parcels from big e-commerce platforms and micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) alike.

Earlier in 2022, Ninja Van PH also opened its 21,000-square-meter fully-automated hub in Cabuyao, Laguna. With fully integrated sortation systems that boost the hub’s receiving capacity by 300% and its outbound capacity by 400%.

Automated Sortation Belt
Ninja Van’s giant automated sortation belt in Cabuyao, Laguna can scan and
sort parcels at an estimated rate of 20,000 units per hour.

The giant double-deck cross belt system and wheel sorter system can automatically weigh, measure, and scan parcels at an estimated rate of 20,000 units per hour. They can also provide real-time parcel data, increasing accuracy and efficiency in sorting and parcel tracking.

“The capabilities of our Cabuyao Hub highlight our ongoing investments in tech-driven innovations that bring quick deliveries for the shippers who have continued to place their trust in us over the past seven years,” said Vin Perez.

“Alongside our pursuit of operational excellence, our hustle continues to provide dedicated shipper support to round out a best-in-class logistics experience for our shipper partners.” 

Logistics+: Empowering MSME growth

Logistics+ is a suite of supply chain management solutions for micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs), launched in our effort to support the growth of these businesses.

The program helps business owners navigate the complex and ever-changing networks of suppliers, manufacturing partners, transportation providers, and financial service providers.  Logistics+ now benefits some 30,000 MSMEs in Southeast Asia, including the Philippines.

“We want to go beyond last-mile deliveries and provide complete logistics solutions to take the hassle out of our shippers’ experience,” said Sabina Lopez-Vergara, Ninja Van PH’s Chief Commercial Officer.

“As a regional player with a strong local thrust, we also want to help expand the Filipino MSMEs’ access to solutions that can help them unlock other opportunities,” Sabina said.

Logistics+ provides cost-efficient logistics services for MSMEs:

  • Warehousing and fulfillment
  • International cargo transportation
  • Sourcing and procurement support
  • Cross-border payment solutions

Ninja Fulfillment offers end-to-end warehousing and fulfillment capabilities for small merchants, particularly those that would be limited by a lack of warehousing and inventory storage facilities.

These capabilities cover regular inbound, storage, outbound, and returns services, as well as customized warehouse management solutions that can all be integrated easily with the merchants’ chosen marketplaces.

Talk to our experts to learn more about Logistics+

New and bigger Fulfillment warehouse

Speaking of Ninja Fulfillment, we recently opened our newest fulfillment hub in Cabuyao, Laguna so we can support more small and medium enterprises with their fulfillment and warehousing needs.

Ninja Fulfillment
Ninja Van’s new Fulfillment center can process around 15,000 orders a day.

The 3,700-square-meter warehouse boasts a 2,400-pallet storage capacity and can process around 15,000 orders a day. It can also be expanded through a racking system.

In the new Ninja Van fulfillment hub, our shippers’ products will be received in bulk, inventoried, and stored securely until orders are made and delivered to the customers. 

Fulfillment services covered by the new facility include the standard inbound, storage, outbound, and return processes, as well as customized warehouse management solutions.

Ninja Fulfillment is also fully integrated into Ninja Van’s last-mile services, which results in faster parcel handling and delivery. 

For inquiries about Ninja Fulfillment:

  • Reach out to Erick Paul Ramos at 0917-7161495
  • Send an email to

MSME e-commerce digitalization training 

The Ninja Van E-commerce Digitalization Training Program is the latest initiative in our long-standing partnership with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). 

Over the years, Ninja Van and DTI have jointly conducted various capability-building programs for MSMEs, like the DIGIeCONOMY, the company’s first-ever digital summit that supported SME growth and recovery.

Ninja Van E Commerce Digitalization Training
To help small e-commerce businesses, they were introduced to several
digital tools that will help improve their business operations.

For the E-commerce Digitalization Training webinar, business owners were introduced to free digital platforms that they can utilize to enhance their digitization efforts and improve their business operations. 

These digital tools include Sellerwizard, An e-commerce data and analytics tool that helps manage order statuses, optimize inventory, analyze sales performance, and generate reports across multiple platforms. It provides seamless API integration and organizes data into one dashboard whether you’re  selling on Lazada, TikTok Shop, Shopify, Shopee, Zalora or other e-commerce platforms. 

Another tool is LivePlug, a web tool for live sellers, which automates processes like comment capturing and order management. It helps ease manual work for live sellers and enable them to focus on audience engagement and making sales. 

Filipinos are found to be the most prolific live sellers in the SEA region — 47% do live selling daily, versus a regional average of 31%. 

Other milestones:

  • Ninja Van was granted accreditation by the Supreme Court as its first private courier partner. With this, litigants can now file documents to any court and send copies to another party in a case through Ninja Packs delivery service or by heading to a Ninja Point nearest to them.
  • Ninja Van PH recently launched our Chinese website for Filipino-Chinese and Chinese entrepreneurs to easily learn about Ninja Van services in their preferred language.

选择Ninja Van。享受更无忧便捷的快递服务

  • In 2023, Ninja Van released two White Papers: Live Selling in Southeast Asia (SEA) and The Future of E-Commerce in SEA. The white papers provide the latest an urgent insights to e-commerce sellers.

Growing with e-commerce and MSMEs in the Philippines

2022 and 2023 were, indeed, a year of innovation and growth for Ninja Van PH as we continue to enhance our operational capabilities to address the needs of businesses of all sizes, but most especially MSMEs that need all the help available in sustaining and scaling their businesses.

Ninja Van Ground Staff
Along with our ground staff and riders stationed all over the country,
Ninja Van is committed to hassle-free deliveries and the best logistics services
for your e-commerce business.

As we move forward to another year, Ninja Van’s commitment is to continue improving our logistics services so we can serve more shippers and become their reliable partner in growing their enterprises.

These  include further improving value-added services that aim to supercharge the growth of  ecommerce businesses beyond logistics:

  • Ninja Rewards – a loyalty programme for shippers to earn points and redeem attractive rewards and exclusive business solutions and services.
  • Ninja Direct – end-to-end procurement solutions with comprehensive supplier management and negotiations, crossborder logistics, and customs clearance.
  • Ninja Fulfillment – an all-in-one storage, order, and inventory management solution that enables online sellers and business owners to save on additional operational costs such as manpower and warehousing.

Sa Ninja Van, hindi lang hassle-free deliveries ang mae-expect mo, we’ll todo hustle with you to upgrade your ecommerce logistics at mapalago ang business mo!

Ship with Ninja Van now to upgrade your shipping experience!

Read and download Ninja Van’s white papers:
Live Selling in Southeast Asia (SEA)
The Future of Ecommerce in SEA

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