Social Selling

How Social Media is Changing Online Shopping

From networking platforms to marketplaces where people discover products, social media is changing the way we shop online — in a major way.
Tiktok V Taobao

TikTok Shop and Taobao: Where Chinese and Filipino Shoppers Find Great Deals

TikTok Shop and Taobao are popular among Chinese and Pinoy online shoppers for their great deals. Here's a quick comparison of the two.
Chatbots For Ecommerce

Using Chatbots to Drive Sales to Your Ecommerce Business

Your chatbot is your 24/7 customer service tool. But setting it up is just the start; here are the steps to optimize your chatbot and drive sales.
Consumer Buying Behavior

Know Your Customers: The 5 Drivers of Consumer Buying Behavior

Understanding what makes customers buy from you is key to creating retention and loyalty strategies for your business.
Influencer Marketing

What is Influencer Marketing? (And How it Can Benefit You)

Thinking of getting an influencer to talk about your brand? There's more to it than you might think. (This article was updated July 21, 2023)
How To Add Products On Tiktok Shop

Best Practices for Adding Products on TikTok Shop

Whether you're a new or established online seller who wants to start their TikTok Shop, follow these tips on listing your products the right way.
Cross Border Ecommerce

What is Cross Border Ecommerce?

Cross border ecommerce is a great opportunity to expand your reach to international markets. How do you get started and succeed with it?
Online Customer Service

How to Improve Your Customer Service as An Online Seller

Building customer trust is important when selling online so they will keep buying from you or give you positive reviews.
Product Sampling

Using Product Sampling to Increase Your Sales

Giving out free samples of your products is an effective strategy to spread the word about your business and increase your sales
Tiktok Affiliate Marketing

How to Earn from TikTok Affiliate Marketing

How can you make money on TikTok through affiliate marketing? Follow this easy guide.
Live Selling Tips

How to Win at Live Selling

Live selling is a great way to promote your business and earn quick sales. But make sure to prep well and do it right.
Social Entrepreneurship

Why Become A Social Entrepreneur?

Social entrepreneurs don't just focus on profit, but offer products that create a positive impact. Are you ready to become one?