Tiktok Fashion And Beauty

Why TikTok is The Perfect Platform for Fashion & Beauty Brands

TikTok is still the best platform for fashion and beauty brands, and it's not just about going viral.

TikTok fashion is a thing and there’s no denying it. 

While Instagram’s romanticized and over-edited depiction of fashion is admirable, more people are using TikTok as their space for creativity and unfiltered expression of fashion. 

Fashion aficionados use the app to find inspiration for new looks, get honest reviews of brands, and discover the latest fashion trends. 

Speaking of trends, the platform has become a figure of authority that dictates what’s in and what’s not. TikTok has created numerous viral products and driven sales for retailers of all sizes – thanks to its attraction of Millennial and Gen Z shoppers.

Tiktok Fashion Month
TikTok has become a major driver of fashion trends in recent years.

Because of its growing influence, the app launched #TikTokFashionMonth in 2021 — a month-long celebration dedicated to beauty and fashion, with popular creators showcasing interesting fashion-related content and the latest TikTok fashion trends.

What does this mean for business owners?

TikTok is still the fastest-growing app with more than a billion users worldwide. In the Philippines, the app’s ad audience can reach around 43.4 million Filipinos – that’s a lot of people you’d want to market to. 

In an era when most people trust TikTok for brand discovery, it would be a shame to not take advantage of this trend, especially if you own a fashion and beauty business.

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Why Your Beauty and Fashion Shop Should Be on TikTok

1. TikTok is all about the visuals

TikTok offered a space for creative expression through fashion. Influencers and brands are using the platform to showcase their favorites and latest discoveries. 

To get more viewers, TikTok users are being more creative in showing off their clothes via GRWM (Get Ready With Me), fashion hauls and more. The more creative the video, the more people will watch it.

Given that fashion is a visual space and so is TikTok, it makes sense to combine the two to entice more fashion enthusiasts to a business. 

Tiktok Fashion
You can be creative when making TikTok videos for your
fashion brand to engage more followers.

2. Gen Z’s with spending power shop on TikTok

More than three-quarters of Gen Z use TikTok and nearly two-thirds of them use the app every day. Plus, their spending power is on the rise. 

In 2022, it was estimated that their disposable income would cost over $360 billion. With their growing population and increasing income, it makes sense to target this market. 

Most Gen Zs use TikTok to also research the products they like and compare prices. As a result, more brands are uploading videos to showcase  their products. 

3. It’s easy to go viral

TikTok has made it easier for videos to reach millions of views – as long as you follow the rules and practice creativity. To go viral, all you have to do is observe current trends and consider content types like storytelling and humor. 

You can also check out our tips on How to Go Viral on TikTok.

For fashion businesses, you can do fashion hauls, lookbooks, and other fashion-related TikToks. You can either create a unique approach to fashion or follow the trending TikToks to ride the algorithm. 

Also be mindful of the popular TikTok sounds, hashtags, and more. As long as your video is interesting and attention-grabbing, going viral shouldn’t be a problem. 

4. Creates organic opportunities for brands

TikTok offers both brands and creators opportunities to break barriers via inclusive videos. The app sheds light on “niche” styles, which accommodate all fashion and beauty trends for a variety of people. 

Brands are now using TikTok to show their support for diversity – a plus for consumers who are after a new approach to fashion and beauty. For example, the app has spotlighted tips for plus-size individuals and trended accessible clothes for people with disabilities. 

Tiktok Beauty
People are discovering new and promising beauty brands via TikTok!

By showing their support to niche styles through TikTok, brands earn the trust of more consumers – both current and potential. 

5. TikTok is becoming a huge part of fashion events

TikTok is no longer just an avenue for funny or creative videos; it’s slowly becoming an app for event coverage. 

From interviews to live videos of shows, brands are using TikTok to let followers know of their current and upcoming fashion events. 

Your brand can do the same thing. Hype up events by posting about them on TikTok. You can also bring viewers with you through TikTok lives. This will entice them to join your brand’s community.

6. It’s the primary platform for influencers

TikTok is dominating the social media game due to its video-only nature. Its algorithm also has a knack for surfacing short-form videos, which users love. 

Plus, it’s easy to grow your following on the app, which is why many influencers flock to TikTok.

If you’re considering influencer marketing, TikTok is the place to be. Brands are now using influencers to match their voice and products. 

Here are some tips on How to Find the Right Collaborators.

Top TikTok beauty and fashion accounts to follow 

Need more inspiration for your TikTok fashion move? Influencers on the app can teach you a thing or two. 

Tiktok Influencers
TikTok is the place to be for your fashion or beauty brand.

Here are some influencers you can follow to see how they do fashion on the app:

  1. Christelle Dela Cruz (@christelledc). If your brand is all about minimalist fashion, take a page out of Christelle Dela Cruz’s TikTok lookbook. This TikToker puts classic pieces together and makes them fun by adding a pop of print or color to her clothes. 
  2. Jeanette Ong (@itsjeanette). Does your brand specialize in casual looks? Follow Jeanertte Ong! She’s a great influencer for looks that are perfect for working girls and students. 
  3. Veronika Rivera (@v_rivera). This chic Filipina creates cute TikTok videos that showcase how she builds her outfits. Her style is perfect for people who love to keep it classy and clean. 

TikTok is the best place to be for fashion brands, even the smaller or growing ones. It’s the easiest way to learn more about the market and to get them to shop via TikTok’s online shops. It’s not too late to ride the TikTok fashion train. Jump aboard and enjoy the ride!

Get into the TikTok fashion and beauty trends and make
your brand visible on the platform.

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