AI Writing Tools for social media

AI Writing Tools You Can Use to Create Creative Captions

See how AI writing tools and caption generators can help you write engaging social media captions and other content.
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Your business is on social media but you’re having a hard time writing creative captions for your posts. 

It’s a good thing AI writing tools are now available to help you create engaging captions that will boost your brand on social media.

AI writing tools and caption generators are all over the internet. You can use them to produce better captions or copy for your brand’s online content. 

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What are AI writing tools?

The term AI stands for artificial intelligence. AI writing tools, also called AI content writers, are artificial intelligence-powered applications that can help you write better

If you’re familiar with ChatGPT and Google’s Bard, they’re popular examples of AI tools for writing.

How do AI writing tools work?

With AI writing tools and caption generators, you can create better copy for your social media and website that would strengthen your brand’s online presence. This will give your business a wider reach to attract potential customers online.

Ai Caption Generator
AI caption generators makes it easy to write content and captions
for your social media accounts.

AI writing tools create text content as if humans wrote them. Similar to how you do research on a topic so you can write a new piece of content, AI writing tools scan existing content on the web, and then gather data based on the instructions given by the user — this can be a topic phrase, keywords or questions.

After processing the data, the AI tools provide fresh content that users can use for their captions or copy. 

5 free AI writing tools you can use for your business

Here are some examples of free AI tools or caption generators you can use, and how to use them. 

1. SocialBu

Socialbu Ai Writing Tool

SocialBu is a digital marketing tool that helps businesses with their online presence through AI-powered tools. Among those tools is SocialBu’s caption generator, which helps you write engaging captions for your social media posts. 

How does it work?

It’s hassle-free! Just follow these steps:

  1. Go to SocialBu’s website
  2. Click on the free tools
  3. Choose AI Caption Generator 
  4. Write the topic or context of your post
  5. Choose from the list of generated social media captions 

Remember to choose the caption you see fit for your brand voice and tone.

Is it for free?

SocialBu’s AI Caption Generator is free!

Although if you want more help with your content marketing, SocialBu also offers premium subscriptions so you can use its various marketing tools for your business.

Among those AI-powered digital marketing tools are:

  • Scheduling and publishing content
  • Monitoring social media engagements
  • Automating social media
  • Detailed insights for social media

2. Anyword

Anyword Ai Tool

Anyword is an AI writing tool that helps you generate social media captions for your chosen platform. It provides engaging captions for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn

This caption generator tailors your captions for your chosen social media platform. Here are some tips on writing Instagram captions that sell.

How does it work?

It’s easy! Here’s how you do it: 

  1. Go to Anyword’s website
  2. Click on the Use Cases tab 
  3. Choose Free Social Post Generator
  4. Choose the social media platform 
  5. Describe what your post is about
  6. Click the generate button 
  7. Choose from the generated captions 

Remember that the effectiveness of your caption differs for each social media platform. 

Is it for free?

Anyword’s AI caption generator is 100% percent free, no sign-in required.

But if you want to explore Anyword’s AI copywriting tools for your business content, it offers the following for a fee:

  • Ad copy generator
  • Blog post generator
  • Email copy generator
  • Meta description tool
  • AI writer tool

3. WriteCream

Writecream Caption Generator

WriteCream helps with your all-around need for online content. This includes social media captions, ad copies, e-mail, copywriting and even SEO content such as articles, blogs and SEO meta descriptions. 

How does it work?

You have to create a free account. After that, skim through the different AI-powered tools WriteCream offers, then choose the one you need for your content marketing. 

For AI-generated social media captions, you can follow these simple steps:

  1. Click on the Social Media Tab.
  2. Choose which social media platform 
  3. Input your product name or brand.
  4. Add your product description
  5. Click the generate button.
  6. Choose which social media caption you see fit for your brand’s content. 

Is it for free?

Yes, WriteCream’s AI writing tool is free. 

But if you wish to access more of its AI-powered tools, it offers premium subscriptions that grant you access to:

  • Unlimited Credits
  • Unlimited Words per month
  • Access to all tools
  • Priority email and support

4. Rytr

Rytr Copywriting Ai

Rytr is another AI caption generator for social media. What makes it different? You can choose the language and the tone that fits your brand. 

How does it work?

You have to create an account first. After that, do the following:

  1. Select the language
  2. Select the tone.
  3. Select the user case. For free subscriptions, choose Copywriting Framework: AIDA (stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action). 
  4. Choose the number of choices you want Ryte to generate.
  5. You can also choose the creativity level for your caption.
  6. Choose from the generated captions for your post. 

Ryte will generate captions and subcategorize them into AIDA depending on the goal for your content, whether you want it to be: 

  • attention-grabbing 
  • to spark interest
  • to invoke desire to buy 
  • create a call to action. 

Is it for free?

Yes, Ryte offers free plans you can utilize for your business’s social media captions.

Ryte also offers premium plans that give you access to:

  • More languages
  • Unlimited character counts
  • More use-cases tones
  • Customizable uses-cases
  • Account manager


Storylab Ai Writing Tool helps users generate creative captions. Their social media caption generator can be used for various platforms: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok. 

How does it work? 

You have to create an account to log in, no fees or hidden fees included. After that, you’re all set to use it. Describe what your post is about, and let the AI do its magic for your brand’s online content.

For example, you can just copy a segment of your blog, paste it on the caption generator tool, and choose from among the 25 social media AI-generated captions you think is best for your post.

Is it for free? 

You can start for free. Free subscriptions have a limited three AI runs per month. also offers premium subscriptions for various payment plans so you can have access to the following:

  • More AI runs
  • Generate social posts from blogs
  • Promote social media content for a more extended period
  • Campaign builder

Why use AI Writing Tools?

Ai Tools For Writing
Using AI writing tools can have many advantages to your content writing process.

Aside from generating captions and copy, using AI writing tools has more advantages for your business’s content marketing.

It’s time-efficient 

Time is precious when you’re running a business. Sometimes, coming up with captions for your social media content can be time-consuming. 

With AI writing tools, you get to save a lot of time and effort by using the apps  to write or edit your captions for you. AI writing tools can also summarize your articles, provide headlines, and write your outlines.

It’s error-free

Being precise about your social media captions for your business’s digital marketing is a must-have. AI writing tools like caption generators can help you write better and more accurately. 

For social media captions, for example, it can help you achieve the tone and style you see fit for your captions. 

At the same time, AI writing tools can help you with your grammar. It guarantees correct grammar at all times as AI caption generators detect and correct errors, send out feedback and give you alternatives you can use for the best possible outcome.

It combats writer’s block

Suffering from writer’s block can cause burnout. This is especially hard when you’re running a business because you have a lot of other things to take care of. 

With AI writing tools, conceptualizing topics and content for your brand’s digital marketing is a no-brainer. The tools provide ideas and inspiration for your content marketing.

It expands creativity

Using AI writing tools can help content writers be more creative and diverse in their writing. By generating write-ups based on your original text (i.e. articles) on different inputs, data, or models, the tools  can help you achieve copy that would strengthen your online presence. 

AI writing tools can also introduce you to new words, phrases or sources you can use to effectively communicate your online content to your customers.

Make efficient use of your time with the help of AI tools.

THERE you have it, mga ka-Ninja! Writing engaging social media captions and producing online content for your business is made easier with AI writing tools and caption generators. 

Using AI tools for writing will help you optimize your time so you can focus more on increasing sales and growing your business.

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