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Video Marketing for Your Ecommerce Business

Video marketing is an impactful way to promote your business online. Here are some tips and strategies you can use.
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Video marketing isn’t new. You’ve most likely seen it on TV commercials and social media ads on  YouTube, Facebook and TikTok. Even in the cinemas, those short videos they show before the movie starts.. 

It can be expensive to produce, but luckily with the rise of social media and many online tools, video marketing is becoming more and more accessible and more affordable. It’s now easier to create a brand video and you won’t necessarily need to spend too much on it.

What is video marketing?

Video marketing is when you create video content to promote your business, products or services

So, how can your business benefit from video marketing? It raises your brand awareness, customer engagement and marketing conversion, i.e., more sales for your business.

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10 ways video marketing impacts your brand

It’s digestible. With its visual elements and storytelling aspect, your audience can easily understand your branding, what your products or services are for, and how you provide it for them.  

It’s memorable. When your video content is easily digestible, your audience can remember them easily, too. This makes your brand stand out. 

It’s shareable. Your audience can easily share or repost your video across social media platforms. This invites more people to know more about your business.

Video Marketing Strategy
Your online business benefits a lot from video marketing.

It widens your brand’s reach. Video content marketing can be used on social media platforms like TikTok, IG Reels, and FB Reels. Now, when your videos are constantly showing on people’s feeds, more and more people will know about your brand. 

It puts you on Google’s top list. Google prioritizes video content. With the correct keyword and SEO strategy, your video content for marketing can rank higher in Google’s search results. This gives your brand better exposure.

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It creates more engagement. With a few clicks, likes, comments and shares, your customers can easily engage with your business. Video content marketing gathers more engagement than other forms of content.. 

It builds trust and credibility. Who knows your product better than yourself? When you create engaging video content about your brand, you’re building credibility and you become more trustworthy! 

At the same time, this humanizes your brand, as it opens a space for human interaction and builds human connection.

With social media and many online tools, video marketing is becoming more accessible and more affordable.

It’s personalized content. Your videos are catered to your niche. Think of your niche in social media as your target market in your business. The more tailored your content, the longer they’d stay on your page. 

It attracts more subscribers. With video content, the longer your viewers stay on your videos, the more they engage with your content, and the more likely they are to subscribe to your business. From passive viewers, they become your followers, and eventually could turn into your customers. 

It boosts conversion rates. Notice how TikTok has a yellow basket feature? See those TikTok videos munching on new snacks, swatching lip products, or trying on new clothes? This proves how effective video content can be in turning your passive viewers into your loyal customers

5 best video content ideas for your business

Here are 5 simple types of content you can do for your video content marketing:

video marketing for business
Today’s younger generation of online shoppers engage more
with videos that any other content type.

Launching videos

This could be your introduction video.  Introduce your business to your viewers. Let them know what your business is about, how they can benefit from your products, and what your business strongly stands for. 

Give your audience  something to look forward to, it keeps them intrigued and excited about what your business is up to. 

Demonstration videos

Demonstration videos answer “how-to” questions. Let your customers see firsthand how your products work and what your product is used for. Keep it entertaining to keep your audience engaged.

Packaging videos

Keep up with the trends by producing “packing” vlogs. Show your customers how their orders are packed with care. Walk them through the packaging process. This shows transparency and builds trust with your customers. 

Live videos

Scroll through TikTok, Facebook or Instagram, and you’ll most likely land on at least one online shop going live. Live videos help your online customers have first dibs on your products. Plus, you can answer their questions in real-time! 

Live videos or live selling creates a space for you to interact with your customers better, almost like you’re face-to-face with them.


Let your loyal customers testify about what your products have done for them. Creating (or reposting) videos of customer testimonials lets your potential customers see an unbiased review of your products. This builds your brand’s credibility. 

5 tips for creating video content for your business

Now that you have an idea of what to post, the next question is: how do you do it?  Video content marketing, especially on social media, is competitive. Better be on your best game, ka-ninja! Here’s how you can stay on your a-game:

Video Content Marketing
Make your videos relatable to get more engagement.
  1. Keep it short. The digital age has shortened people’s attention span. The longer your videos are, the more likely people are to scroll past them. So, keep your videos short but entertaining. 
  1. Know your audience and be relatable. People are always looking for something they can identify with. So, make sure your videos address your customers’ pain points and are relatable. You can do this by incorporating trends into your business. 
  1. Send a message. It’s important to get your brand’s message across. Let your potential customers know what you stand for, and how your products walk your talk. This attracts viewers who stand up for the same things your business does. 
  1. Track your analytics. Tracking your engagement trends (likes, comments, shares, follows, purchases, site/profile visits, etc.) lets you know which types of video content are working and which aren’t. The data shows you what you can do to improve your video marketing. 
  1. Post it everywhere. Don’t limit your video content marketing strategy to one social media at a time. Post your videos on all your social media channels. This gives your brand better exposure, invites more customer engagement, and could give you more conversions.

If you’re doing e-mail marketing, it’s good to embed your short videos in the copy as well. 

Video Marketing Strategies
Make sure video marketing is part of your strategies!

THERE you have it, ka-Ninja! Having a good video content marketing plan can boost your business and attract more customers. 

Make sure to take advantage of social media trends for your video marketing strategies to make them engaging and relatable. 

So, what are you waiting for? Plan, shoot, edit and post your videos now.

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