Tiktok Shadowban

What is TikTok Shadowban and How Can You Avoid It?

Getting shadowbanned on TikTok can affect your engagement and sales. How can you avoid this penalty?

Are you experiencing a sudden drop in your TikTok engagement, views, likes or comments? Do you notice that your content doesn’t show up as much on other users’ feed? You could be experiencing TikTok shadowban.

But what could be the cause of it and what can you do to get unbanned?

What is TikTok Shadowban?

TikTok shadowban is when your content is deliberately made less visible on the platform, without being notified or informed about it. In simpler terms, your account is either totally blocked or partially blocked on the app.

The term “shadowban” originated from online forums and social media platforms and refers to the act of limiting a user’s visibility in a way that makes them unaware of the restriction.

What happens when you’re shadowbanned on TikTok?

When a TikTok user is shadowbanned, their videos may still appear on their own profile and be visible to their existing followers, but they’re less likely to show up in search results, on the “For You” page or under relevant hashtags. 

As a result, their reach and engagement can significantly decrease, making it harder to gain new followers and receive exposure for their content. 

This can have a significant effect if you’re a seller on TikTok. With much less visibility, you can’t attract new customers that can mean a big drop in your sales.

How do you get shadowbanned on TikTok?

The reasons for a TikTok shadowban can vary, but it’s often attributed to the violation of the platform’s community guidelines or terms of service. 

Yes, getting a TikTok shadowban can be catastrophic for your brand.

Some common reasons for a shadowban on TikTok include:

Violating community guidelines. Posting content that goes against TikTok’s rules, such as explicit or harmful content, adult content, hate speech, harassment or bullying.

Intellectual property violation. Uploading videos that contain copyrighted material without proper permission.

Automated or artificial engagement. Using bots, buying fake followers or engaging in any form of artificial activity to inflate views, likes, or comments (don’t ever think no one would know about this!)

Spammy behavior. Posting repetitive or low-quality content, or excessive self-promotion.

Misuse of hashtags. Using irrelevant or misleading hashtags to boost visibility, which can also be seen as spammy behavior.

Restricted content. Posting content that’s considered sensitive or restricted by TikTok’s policies.

Some content creators claim a shadowban on TikTok can last about two weeks. But some also say it can last much longer than that.

Selling low-quality products. Offering low-quality products on TikTok can have negative consequences for your business reputation, customer trust and seller status. If customers give you bad reviews for selling them products or items that are different from images you posted, TikTok can ban your shop.

How to remove shadowban on TikTok?

How To Remove Shadowban On Tiktok
Work to remove the shadowban to make your TikTok account
or shop visible again!

If you believe that your TikTok account is shadowbanned and your content is not getting the visibility it deserves, here are some steps you can take to try to remove the shadowban:

Review TikTok guidelines

Carefully go through TikTok’s community guidelines and terms of service to ensure that your content complies with their rules. Make sure you’re not posting any content that violates their guidelines, such as explicit or harmful material, hate speech, spam or copyrighted content.

Check for and remove restricted or flagged content

You might have received a warning from TikTok that your content was in violation of their Community Guidelines, but chose to ignore it. Well, now’s the time to remove it!

Or if you’re not sure that any of your content violates their guidelines, check all your posts and remove those that you feel were being flagged.

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Pause activity

If you suspect that your account is shadowbanned, it might help to take a break from posting new content for a few days. This break can allow TikTok’s algorithms to reassess your account without any new potentially problematic content being added.

This will also give you time to check and clean up your past content for any possible violation against TikTok’s guidelines.

Appeal to TikTok support

If you believe that you’ve been shadowbanned unfairly or mistakenly, you can try reaching out to TikTok support through the app or their website. Explain the situation politely and provide all relevant details. Be patient, as it may take some time for a response. 

How to avoid shadowban on TikTok?

We’ve cited the reasons for getting shadowbanned on TikTok. So, to avoid this misfortune, you must avoid those activities at all times. 

If your follow TikTok policies, you’re safe for being shadowbanned.

While getting more engagements and likes is one of the ultimate goals for your TikTok content, you must be careful not to go against the platform’s policies. Here are tips on how to do that:

Don’t post restricted content

Make sure that your content doesn’t include anything that TikTok restricts due to sensitive or mature themes. TikTok may limit the visibility of such content, even if it doesn’t violate community guidelines outright.

Avoid spammy behavior

Avoid any spammy practices, such as posting the same content repeatedly, using irrelevant hashtags or engaging in excessive self-promotion. Be authentic and provide valuable content to your audience.

Remove copyrighted content

If you have used any copyrighted material without proper permission, now’s the time to remove such content to avoid any issues with shadowbanning. Stay on the safe side.

Engage with real users

Focus on genuine interactions and organic engagement. While it can be tempting, don’t use bots or engage in any artificial activity that might be flagged by TikTok’s algorithms. Yes, they’ll know it when you do this.

Sell good quality products

Most importantly, selling quality products online is essential for building a successful and sustainable business. Quality products contribute to customer satisfaction, brand reputation and long-term success.

Keep rocking your content

Keep creating engaging and entertaining content without
violating TikTok’s policies.

TikTok’s algorithms are complex, and sometimes changes in visibility might be due to factors beyond a shadowban. If you’re confident you’ve done nothing wrong, then there’s nothing to worry about.

Focus on creating engaging content and building a genuine following, and your account’s visibility should improve over time. Consistency and persistence is the key.

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