Chinese New Year Business Tradition

Business Traditions During Chinese New Year

Attract luck and more sales by following these business traditions during Chinese New Year!
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Chinese New Year in the Philippines is an important holiday for both Chinese citizens living the country and the Filipino-Chinese community. The Lunar New Year is a celebration of new beginnings and new opportunities, which is something businesses look forward to. 

Throughout the years, many entrepreneurs followed traditions to swing luck into their favor. Chinese New Year business traditions are aplenty; many of them are easy to do while others require more effort. 

No matter what the tradition is, the aim is to invite prosperity to the business. If this is your goal, there’s no harm in following Filipino-Chinese New Year Traditions. 

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Chinese New Year business traditions to start this year

There are many Lunar New Year celebrations in the Philippines, but in general, here are some customs that are widely observed. 

Lunar New Year Philippines
There’s no harm in following some traditions to attract
some luck to your business.

1. Temporary closing of businesses in observance of the new year

Many business owners close down their shops or offices to make time for the celebrations. They also use this time to practice individual traditions with family and friends.

2. Visiting Chinese temples

Every new year starts with a visit to the temple to pray for health and prosperity. It’s also where they learn about their business’s fortunes for the year. Many entrepreneurs use their temple visits to also reflect on the previous year to avoid repeating mistakes. 

3. Adorning shops with zodiac ornaments

Culture is an integral part of most Chinese-led businesses. Entrepreneurs follow traditions that invite luck and prosperity. One way they do this is by adorning their offices and shops with zodiac animals. 

For 2024, for example, you can hang dragon figurines or dragon-decorated calendars to invite more fortune your way.

Chinese Zodiac Ornaments
Decorate your office or store with Chinese zodiac ornaments.

4. Giving out tikoy to loyal customers and colleagues

The Lunar New Year celebration is also an opportunity to share the luck with others, particularly those who supported your business. It would not have been the year that it was without your staff and loyal customers. 

One way to thank them is to gift them with tikoy, a Chinese delicacy made from glutinous rice, sugar, water and lard. This delicious treat symbolizes higher income and higher position so it’s considered good luck when you eat it during the New Year. 

If you want to express your appreciation more, you can add more gifts along with your box of tikoy. Consider including the following:

  • Basket of mandarins. These little oranges represent financial prosperity and are very budget-friendly. 
  • Traditional seafood. These delicacies, such as abalone, are perfect for New Year’s celebrations. 
  • Gift boxes with a Caishen. The Chinese God of Money is always welcome in any establishment. 
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5. Giving or receiving angpao

Red packets, otherwise known as angpao in the Philippines, is a favorite Chinese New Year tradition for both kids and adults. These red envelopes, which contain money, are given as tokens of good wishes. 

Traditionally, these red packets can only be given out by married couples, but it depends on your family and traditions. 

6. Lion and dragon dances in your shop or establishment

Many entrepreneurs have lions and dragons dance around their shops during the New Year for two reasons: to attract good fortune and to drive out bad spirits. 

This performance is believed to help businesses generate more wealth during the year. At the same time, it doubles as great entertainment to guests. 

Chinese Lion and Dragon Dance
Not just in Binondo: Many business invite lion and dragon dance performers
to drive away bad spirits from the previous year.

7. Wearing red during the festivities

The Chinese color of luck is red and you can see it everywhere during the New Year. Paint the town red by having everyone in the business wear red during the occasion. 

Bright and cheery colors, like gold and orange, are also welcome. 

8. Exchanging well wishes

“Gong Xi Fa Cai” is the most common greeting during the Lunar New Year festivities. It translates to “May you become prosperous!” This phrase expresses the drive to succeed and be wealthy, which is why entrepreneurs use it often during the festivities. 

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