Social Media Metrics

Social Media Metrics You Should Be Monitoring

These are the social media metrics you should monitor and the tools to help you with it.
Video Marketing

Video Marketing for Your Ecommerce Business

Video marketing is an impactful way to promote your business online. Here are some tips and strategies you can use.
Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing: How to Maximize Your Reach and Stand Out From Your Competitors

With more and bigger competition for your brand online, your Facebook marketing strategy should work harder to achieve your goals.
Customer Engagement

6 Ways to Engage Customers and Keep Them Loyal

Want to forge stronger relationships with your customers? Reach out to them by creating touchpoints and showing them you care. (This article was updated on Sept. 8, 2023)
How To Successfully Sell On Tiktok

How to Start Selling and Become Successful on TikTok Shop

If your online business is not on TikTok Shop yet, you're missing tons of opportunities to promote your brand and increase your sales. Here's why.
Inventory Management Techniques

Inventory Management Techniques for Online Sellers

Online sellers need effective inventory management to ensure a smooth fulfillment. Here are some techniques you can use.
Ber Months Sale

Ecommerce Tips to Drive Sales During the Ber-Months

The 'ber' months are here and that means it's the start of the holiday shopping season. Are you ready for it?
Personal Branding Vs Business Branding

Personal Branding vs. Business Branding

With the popularity of influencers, many business owners also want to build their personal brand. But how does that compete with their business branding?
Ninja Rewards For Tiktok Shop

Get These Exciting Ninja Rewards Perks for Your TikTok Shop!

Here are the exciting perks and exclusive rewards that await you from our Ninja Rewards for #TikTokShop. Ship now to redeem soon!
AI Writing Tools for social media

AI Writing Tools You Can Use to Create Creative Captions

See how AI writing tools and caption generators can help you write engaging social media captions and other content.
Tiktok Shadowban

What is TikTok Shadowban and How Can You Avoid It?

Getting shadowbanned on TikTok can affect your engagement and sales. How can you avoid this penalty?
Double Day Sale

The Impact of Double Day Sales in the Philippines

The monthly double day sales has changed the way Filipinos shop. How did it start and how has it impacted ecommerce in the Philippines?