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Elevating Your Business with Enterprise-Grade Solutions

Partnering with Ninja Van means having one provider for all your business logistics needs.
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Enterprise logistics are integral to successful corporations and any enterprise business that ships products to customers. It consolidates all the warehousing and order fulfillment services you need to track your inventory accurately. It also ensures that your goods arrive at their destination safely and on time.

Why choose enterprise solutions instead of working with different third-party suppliers? 

For one, you’ll only need to communicate and coordinate with one provider who offers all the solutions your business requires. As a result, you get a clearer picture of your inventory, processes and further business needs.

Let’s take a closer look at logistics for enterprises, and what you get from it.

What is enterprise logistics?

Enterprise logistics — alternatively, corporate logistics — refers to all services and activities that ensure a timely fulfillment cycle. These enterprise solutions include inventory organizing, processing, tracking and all other steps in between ensuring your goods reach customers in optimal condition.

Logistics for enterprises is more than just merchandise management for businesses. Comprehensive enterprise logistics includes:

It could include production and disposal logistics, depending on what goods you’re selling to consumers. It also covers transport logistics.

Speaking of transport, enterprise logistics includes your shipping solutions. It could include less-than-truckload shipping, a cost-effective service that reduces the transit time of your goods. Alternatively, you may go for full truckload shipping, which presents a more predictable delivery date.

Ninja Van one-stop logistics solution

Small business logistics vs enterprise logistics: what’s the difference?

Technology is evident in many aspects of business, from product procurement to customer transactions. And for store owners and enterprises, you can see this in the way third-party logistics (3PL) handles order logistics and warehouse fulfillment and management operations on your behalf.

When choosing a supply chain management solution, your options include small business logistics and enterprise solutions. 

Here’s how they differ:

Small business logistics solutions

Some business owners and decision-makers consider allocating resources toward small business solutions because they do the job and are cost-effective. 

It provides order tracking and notifications, real-time tracking services and other routing functions that streamline your operations. But small business logistics have limitations that may not always cater to the order fulfillment needs of larger enterprises. 

Consider the challenges you could face if the logistics services are a mismatch for the scale of your business:

  • Solutions catering to smaller operations may not be built for scalability
  • Solutions may have order routing limitations that cannot keep up with the order demand and volume of larger-scale businesses
  • Small-scale logistics may encounter software integration challenges, especially when you’re using other, more advanced 3PL solutions

In this case, enterprise logistics may be a more suitable option for you.

Enterprise -grade logistics solutions

Small business logistics solutions definitely have their advantages — but only for businesses of a certain scale. If you’re a decision-maker in an enterprise, or if you’re planning business expansion, you need versatility.

Enterprise-grade logistics solutions may cost more than the alternative. But they offer advanced features and greater capabilities that can better accommodate your business needs. 

These are some of them:

  • Dynamic routing services that optimize your routes and save on fuel costs
  • Tailored order allocation and delivery solutions that ensure timely deliveries at cost-efficient rates, resulting in better customer satisfaction
  • Real-time tracking and monitoring of your order fulfillment operations
  • Seamless integration of with warehousing and fulfillment technologies
  • Streamlined fleet management for bulk orders and high delivery volumes
warehousing and fulfillment
Enterprise logistics services like warehousing and fulfillment allow your business to expand faster and more efficiently.

Enterprise logistics solutions can also include insightful and actionable delivery performance analytics to help identify business improvement opportunities.

Small businesses can definitely benefit from the basic features of 3PL services. But for growing enterprises, it’s important to invest in scalable 3PL solutions that can meet your business demands and order fulfillment processes.

7 benefits of enterprise logistics solutions

If your existing logistics solution isn’t meeting the growing needs of your business, consider switching to enterprise logistics. 

Take a look at the different ways you can benefit from it:

  1. Gain access to a full suite of 3PL services and order fulfillment tools
  2. Gain access to warehouse fulfillment technology and automation
  3. Streamline your entire logistics process for increased efficiency
  4. Reduce operational costs by customizing and scaling logistics solutions based on changing business needs and fluctuating order volumes
  5. Experience quick 3PL service scalability to match your business trends
  6. Generate accurate order fulfillment reports and analytics anytime
  7. Work with 3PL experts who provide insights into logistics best practices

Bear in mind that this is only an overview of what enterprise logistics can do for your business. Explore more benefits by working with 3PL experts.

Entrust your enterprise logistics to Ninja Van

Ninja Van is a trusted provider of end-to-end logistics solutions for enterprises

There’s more to what we do than deliver your parcels. We’ll help future-proof your logistics, order fulfillment process and supply chain system through our enterprise logistics capabilities. These services reduce your overhead expenses and manpower costs while your enterprise grows.

ninja van one-stop logistics
Entrust your business to Ninja Van, you’re one-stop logistics solutions partner.

Our full-suite supply chain solutions for corporations include:

By working together, we can create customized supply chain, warehouse and fulfillment management solutions that streamline your logistics. These come at cost-effective rates that align with your cost allocation, leaving you with minimal logistics disruptions while your business scales up.

Consult our logistics experts today!

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