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Ninja Van Launches One-Stop B2B Services to Help Businesses Grow Faster

Ninja Van launches B2B logistics services, expanding beyond e-commerce and providing seamless one-stop solution to businesses.
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Ninja Van Philippines, a tech-enabled express logistics company, expands beyond the e-commerce vertical with the launch of Ninja Restock, completing its one-stop logistics solution for SMEs and big enterprises.

As a new business-to-business (B2B) solution, Ninja Restock addresses the current challenges in the logistics market, which, despite contributing to as much as 4 to 6 percent of the Philippines’ gross domestic product, remains highly fragmented.

Hassle-free and Faster Restocking 

Ninja Restock leverages the Ninja Van Group’s extensive experience in e-commerce logistics to offer brands and businesses a faster and more cost-efficient way to deliver or distribute their supplies or inventory to various locations and branches.

Ninja Van Philippines Country Head, Vin Perez, highlighted the struggles faced by medium-sized businesses in restocking their stores from a centralized warehouse. 

“Many small and medium-sized businesses encounter difficulties in sending out products and supplies to their branches, particularly if they have less than a truckload’s (LTL) supply to send out at any given time,”  he explains.

Those needing LTL shipments and trucking services often have to pay exorbitant fees or endure extended waiting times to send out supplies and products. 

According to recent data from KPMG, a staggering 67 percent of Filipino businesses consider customer perception on delivery speed as a key driver for success. This underscores the need for seamlessness in logistics solutions. 

“Ninja Restock streamlines the resupply and delivery process, built on a nationwide network of express logistics that we have built over the years,” adds Perez. 

Boost your business, not your budget! Streamline your supply chain and conquer logistics challenges with Ninja Van’s one-stop seamless logistics solutions.

One-Stop Seamless Logistics Solutions 

In addition to Ninja Restock, Ninja Van also highlights its other B2B services that provide customized and one-stop logistics solutions to businesses, no matter their size or industry.

Fulfillment and Warehousing Services

Ninja Fulfillment,  which provides integrated manpower, warehousing, and inventory management solutions. Last year, Ninja Van unveiled a 3,700-square-meter, 2,400-pallet warehouse in Cabuyao, Laguna capable of processing around 15,000 orders a day. 

The new facility provides inbound, storage, outbound, and return processes that are fully-integrated with the company’s last mile services, resulting in faster parcel handling and delivery. 

Express Last-Mile Delivery

Ninja Van remains a logistics partner that’s committed to hassle-free deliveries for both e-commerce and non-ecommerce enterprises. and helps you save on your shipping costs.

We provide express delivery (Ninja Dash) services to match every growing business’ needs. With our strong experience and tech-enabled infrastructure across Southeast Asia (SEA), we understand the ins and outs of last mile delivery, including its growing challenges.

We work with our shippers to help meet their ecommerce targets and revenue goals, and even save on their shipping costs.

Trusted Partner

“Innovation and expansion into these B2B delivery solutions is a strategic direction that complements our expertise in e-commerce logistics,” notes Ninja Van Philippines Chief Commercial Officer Sabina Lopez-Vergara

“As a trusted delivery partner of brands across a diverse set of verticals – from banks, electronics, to beauty, fashion, and even the government – we have a keen understanding of how the diverse logistics needs of businesses need a one-stop, seamless, solutions-based approach,” Lopez-Vergara added. 

Global brands have already started using Ninja Restock for their operations. In Malaysia, Ninja Van restocks different store branches of Skechers USA, Inc. as well as Faber Castel, helping them optimize limited store space by steering clear of overstocking on slow-moving items and avoiding prolonged out-of-stock situations on fast-moving items. 

In the Philippines, fast-growing coffee chain Pickup Coffee faced challenges in managing its in-house fleet for restocking outlets beyond Metro Manila. Ninja Restock provided the coffee with daily restocking support for outlets in select provinces. 

Partner with Ninja Van Today to Grow Your Business

Ninja Van continuously innovates to serve more businesses and help them grow faster in a cost-efficient way. We’re here to offer tailor-fit solutions, as we understand every business has different needs.

Why work with different partners when you can leverage our one-stop logistics solution — Ninja Restock, Ninja Fulfillment, Express Last Mile Delivery — to streamline your supply chain and optimize your operations. 

Ninja Van will handle your logistics needs so you can focus on marketing and growing your business. 

Connect with our logistics experts today!

Ninja Van one-stop logistics solution

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