How to avoid COD Scams

Be Smart and Take These Steps to Avoid COD Scams

Many online shoppers fall for COD scams. Don't be one by following these steps to avoid getting scammed.
Dropshipping Suppliers

Finding Dropshipping Suppliers in the Philippines

Dropshipping is an easy way to start an ecommerce business. But finding the right suppliers to partner with is crucial in your success
Biz Brief May 6 2022

Weekly Brief: 1 in 5 Filipinos Still Scared of Cashless Payment

A recent report from Kaspersky reveals that many Filipinos are still wary of online payment. This and other important business and ecommerce news of the week.
Young Filipino Entrepreneurs

Young and Successful Filipino Entrepreneurs Shaping the Market

They're young, successful and making a difference. Get to know these young entrepreneurs who are shaping the market and our future.
Biz Brief April 29,2022

Business Brief: Banks See Growing Demand for Business Loans

Banks are expecting an increase in business and consumer loans this quarter, plus other business and ecommerce news from the last week.
Product Packaging

4 Reasons Product Packaging is More Important than Your Product

How do you create a product packaging design that makes customers stop, look and buy?
5 Ways To Treat Cs Reps Better

5 Ways You Can Treat Customer Service Reps Better

Customer service agents are unsung heroes, too. And as customers, let's remember to treat them with respect during calls.
Facebook Retargeting

Facebook Retargeting: How to Convert Your Almost-Customers

Retargeting ads are more likely to get you that conversion. Here's how to retarget your customers right.
Biz Brief April15

Business Brief: PH Consumers Raring to Spend Big on Shopping

Filipino consumers are eager to spend big on retail shopping after the pandemic, plus other business and ecommerce news roundup.
Ecommerce Online Threats

How to Protect Your Ecommerce Website from Today’s Biggest Online Threats

Ecommerce businesses are under attack from online scams. Here are ways to increase your cyber security and protect your customers.
Biz Brief April 8 2022

Business Brief: Increased Cybersecurity Budgets in PH Businesses

Increased cybersecurity budgets for PH businesses seen in 2022, plus an ecommerce event targets to fight ecommerce scams. These and more business news that matters to you.
Customer Service Experience

How to Get the Best Results when Talking to a Customer Service Representative

Calling customer service is sometimes frustrating. But we also play a part in makings sure we get the best results from our call.