How to Start Selling On Shopify

How to Start Selling on Shopify

Here's a quick guide on how you can build your online store and start selling on Shopify.
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Shopify is an ecommerce platform that allows individuals and businesses to create an online store to sell their products. It provides users with a wide range of tools and features to help them create, manage and grow their business.

With Shopify Philippines, you can easily create a website and online store, manage your inventory, and process payments and shipping. It also offers a variety of customization options, allowing you to design your store to match your brand.

How does Shopify work?

In addition to its core ecommerce features, Shopify also provides a number of additional tools, such as the ability to create discounts, process returns, and track sales and customer data. Shopify also has a large App store that can extend its functionality.

It has different pricing plans, starting with a free trial, and goes all the way to the enterprise level with additional features and support.

It’s considered a comprehensive and user-friendly platform, suitable for small and medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurs that want to start an online store quickly and easily.

How to create Shopify account

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Shopify has many themes and features to match your business needs.
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To start selling on Shopify Philippines, you’ll need to sign up for an account and set up your online store. Here are the basic steps you’ll need to follow:

1. Sign up for a Shopify account 

Go to the Shopify website and click on the “Start free trial” button. Fill out the form with your personal and business information, and then click on the “Create your store” button.

2. Choose a theme for your online store 

Shopify has several free and paid themes that you can use to customize the design of your online store. You can browse through the available themes and preview them on your store before making a final selection.

3. Customize your theme

After choosing your theme, you can start customizing it to match your brand. This can include editing the layout, colors, fonts and images.

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4. Add products to your store

Shopify allows you to add multiple products and manage your inventory. You can also set up options like size, color and pricing.

5. Configure your payment and shipping settings

You’ll need to set up a payment gateway to accept payment in your store. Shopify integrates with a variety of payment gateway. You can also set up your shipping rates and options in your Shopify admin.

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6. Launch your store

Once you’ve finished setting up your store, you can launch it by clicking on the “Launch website” button in your Shopify admin.

After launching, you can continue to optimize your store for SEO, marketing and conversion.

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Shopify Philippines pricing

Shopify offers different pricing depending on your business needs and budget.

Shopify Philippines offers several pricing plans to suit business’s different needs and budgets. The plans are:

Basic Shopify

This plan is for businesses that are just starting and want a basic online store. It costs $19/month and includes features such as an online store, a blog and access to Shopify’s Point of Sale system.


This plan is for growing businesses that need more features and functionality. It costs $49/month and includes features such as an online store, a blog, gift cards and professional reports.

Advanced Shopify

This plan is for businesses that need advanced features and functionality, such as advanced report building, third-party calculated shipping rates, and more. It costs $299/month.

All the plans have the same features; the differences are based on the number of features and additional services like more staff accounts, reports, etc.

Also, Shopify Philippines provides a free trial for 3 days with no credit card required. This gives you access to all the features, and you can use it as a test drive before subscribing to one of the plans.

Shopify Philippines gives you a 3-day free trial to get a feel of the platform.

It’s worth noting that on all the plans, you’ll need to pay for additional services, such as domain name, payment gateway fees and apps from the Shopify app store.

So is Shopify for you? Build your online store and start selling on the platform.

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