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How to Track Your Parcels Using NinjaChat

Make sure to have an efficient way to track your parcels during deliveries. Learn how NinjaChat makes it easier for you.
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Having precise information about the parcel’s movement and location is crucial for both you, the seller, and your recipients. Even when you have a unique tracking ID, there may be instances where your recipients will need help tracking their parcel’s status or when arranging a return.

Therefore, it will give you peace of mind to have an app on hand that will provide assistance with your parcels anytime the need arises. 

With NinjaChat, our online chat assistance for shippers, you can easily get real-time updates on your parcels while on the go, wherever you may be.

What is NinjaChat?

NinjaChat is a multi-channel customer service chat that enables you to track your parcel, get real-time delivery notifications, and chat with a customer service agent anytime, anywhere using your preferred messaging app – Facebook, Messenger, Telegram.

You can get full visibility of your deliveries and submit your inquiries through our online chat support. NinjaChat also sends real-time notifications to your customers so they can track their parcels from pickup to delivery.

Ninja Chat
NinjaChat is an online chat support for tracking parcels
for both the shipper and their customers.

Why tracking parcel is important to your business

In the world of ecommerce, parcel tracking is not a nice-to-have, it’s an essential tool for success. Here are some reasons tracking your parcels is vital to your business. 

Customer Satisfaction

  • Transparency and peace of mind. Tracking allows customers to see their order’s journey in real-time, reducing anxiety and uncertainty about delivery. Knowing their package is on its way and when to expect it builds trust and confidence in your brand.
  • Reduced customer inquiries. With real-time updates, customers are less likely to contact your customer service team for delivery information, freeing up your resources and reducing support costs.
  • Improved reviews and loyalty. Consistent, accurate tracking information leads to satisfied customers, more likely to leave positive reviews and become repeat buyers.
tracking parcel app
Having an efficient parcel tracking system will help your business in many ways.

Operational Efficiency

  • Proactive communication. By identifying potential delays or issues early on, you can proactively communicate with customers, manage their expectations, and prevent frustration.
  • Streamlined operations. Tracking data provides valuable insights into delivery performance, helping you identify areas for improvement, optimize routes, and choose the most reliable shipping partners.
  • Reduced risk of loss or theft. Tracking records provide a digital chain of custody, making it easier to investigate lost or stolen packages and resolve disputes with shipping carriers.

Competitive advantage

  • Stand out from competitors. Offering efficient parcel tracking distinguishes you from competitors who don’t. In today’s competitive landscape, this extra level of transparency and service can be a significant differentiator.
  • Increased conversion rates. Shoppers often choose ecommerce stores with clear and reliable tracking options. By offering this feature, you can attract more customers and boost your conversion rates.
  • Positive brand image. Providing a seamless and transparent delivery experience reflects positively on your brand, building trust and loyalty among customers.

How to use NinjaChat for tracking parcel

Upon signing up for a Ninja Van Shipper Account, you can easily make a bulk pickup schedule and track your shipments’ status real-time through the Ninja Dashboard.

But as an added assistance to you, you can also subscribe to NinjaChat so you and your customers can have added visibility on the status of your parcels anytime and anywhere.

How to subscribe to NinjaChat

Step 1: Sign up by visiting our NinjaChat page.

Step 2: Select your preferred chat channel to communicate with us (Facebook Messenger or Telegram).

Step 3: Once you’re redirected to your preferred chat app, click ‘Get Started’ to verify your phone number. If your phone number hasn’t been registered with us previously, you will be asked to provide your number in order to receive a OTP.

Step 4: Upon verification, you’re officially subscribed and will be able to access the various self-help options.

If you want to connect with a live agent, simply click on ‘Enquiries’ and select the option ‘speak to live agent’. 

Your customers may connect with a live agent as well through the notification they’ll receive regarding the status of their delivery. They will also receive the assigned tracking number so they can check on the parcel’s delivery status, either via the chat or the Ninja Van website.

How to track parcel with tracking number?

On the NinjaChat message, simply click the TRACK MY ORDER button to get a fast update on the parcel’s delivery status. 

Or go to the Tracking page on the Ninja Van website and enter your unique tracking number. You’ll instantly see the current status of your parcel and the expected date of delivery.

Learn more about NinjaChat and check our FAQs.

Make parcel tracking easy for you and your customers

Effective parcel tracking is an investment in your ecommerce business’s long-term success. It enhances customer satisfaction, improves operational efficiency and gives you a competitive edge in the market. 

Ninja Van and NinjaChat give you real-time parcel tracking,
plus more customized solutions to boost your business for growth!

Don’t underestimate the power of keeping your customers informed and empowered with their package’s journey!

Ninja Van will make it easy for you! Become one of our VIP Shippers to experience real-time tracking of shipment, dedicated account management, plus customized logistics solutions tailor-fit to your current and future business needs.

Sign up for a VIP Shipper Account Now!

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