Contract Delivery Driver

How to Earn By Being an Independent Delivery Driver

Earn money using your vehicle or underutilized fleet by becoming an independent delivery partner.
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Do you own a fleet of vehicles that are underutilized? Or are you looking to earn extra income using your own vehicle, like car, van or motorcycle?

The logistics industry is a good sector to look into to find independent or contract delivery driver jobs. While many logistics companies have their own fleet or vans, trucks and riders, high demands for shipment also prompt them to look for outside help.

This is especially true during holidays or in seasons when a huge surge in deliveries are expected. 

What are contract delivery driver jobs?

A contract delivery driver refers to an individual or a company that is hired on a contractual basis to provide delivery services within the broader supply chain and transportation network. 

Meaning, they transport goods and packages for a logistics provider, but operate as an independent contractor and have a different set of responsibilities and benefits compared to full-time employees.

These drivers or fleet owners play a crucial role in the distribution of goods, ensuring that products are transported efficiently and on time.

Contract Delivery Driver Jobs
Contract drivers or fleet owners play a crucial role in faster and flexible
distribution of goods in the supply chain.

Key aspects of an independent delivery driver in logistics 

Contractual arrangement. The driver is engaged through a contract or agreement, specifying the terms and conditions of the delivery services. This may include details such as payment structure, delivery schedules and any other relevant terms.

Independence. Contract delivery drivers in logistics may operate independently or as part of a larger logistics network. They might be responsible for their own vehicle, fuel and maintenance, or these aspects could be provided by the contracting logistics company.

Flexibility. Independent delivery drivers offer flexibility to logistics companies, allowing them to scale their delivery services based on demand. This flexibility is often crucial in handling fluctuating shipping volumes and optimizing costs.

Specialized services. As a contract delivery driver, you may specialize in specific types of deliveries, such as last-mile delivery to end consumers, the transport of sensitive or specialized goods, or restock transport between retails or distribution centers.

Benefits of becoming an independent contractor driver 

Being a contract delivery driver offers benefits, whether you want to do it as side-hustle or as a full-time business. These include:

  • Flexibility. One of the biggest draws is the ability to choose work hours and days that fit your schedule and preferences. But, of course, your income potential will depend on how much time you will dedicate to being an independent contractor.
  • Potential for higher income. Depending on the contract terms and your efficiency, you can potentially earn more than full-time employee drivers, especially if you optimize your routes and work long hours. Contracted drivers are usually paid per parcel delivered, per volume or per quota.
  • Be your own boss. They have more control over your work and can build your own business through consistent performance and client relationships.
Independent Delivery Driver
Independent contractor drivers help logistics companies manage
fluctuating shipping volumes, especially during he holidays.

Some things to consider for contract delivery drivers

While there are benefits, there are also some drawbacks to being an independent contractor:

  • Less job security. Contracts can be short-term or project-based, leading to inconsistent income and less stability compared to full-time employment. You should look for a logistics company that can offer regular or consistent deliveries for you.
  • Maintaining your vehicle(s). You’re responsible for ensuring that your vehicle or fleet meets safety standards and is in good working condition. This includes regular maintenance, fuel costs insurance and any repairs.
  • No benefits. You typically don’t receive benefits like health insurance, paid time off, or sick leave. But many companies offer incentives or bonuses when you surpass your volume requirement.
  • Self-employment taxes. Of course, like many independent service providers, you’re responsible for keeping track of your income and expenses and paying self-employment taxes in addition to income taxes.

Overall, contract delivery drivers in logistics contribute to the smooth functioning of supply chains by ensuring that products reach their intended destinations in a timely and reliable manner. 

They’re a vital component of the broader logistics ecosystem, providing a flexible and scalable solution for businesses to manage their transportation needs.

Be a Ninja Van independent contractor driver

If you’re considering becoming a contract delivery driver, carefully weigh the pros and cons and ensure you understand the full scope of responsibilities and potential risks involved. Most importantly, choose a company that can give you the volume and will become a reliable partner for your delivery or trucking business. 

Independent Contractor Driver Jobs
Help Ninja Van deliver for millions of Filipino businesses nationwide.

Ninja Van has the widest nationwide delivery coverage, including inter-island shipments, making it crucial for us to always expand our fleet. But we also work independent delivery partners to help us provide more hassle-free deliveries to our shippers and their customers.

Contract delivery drivers and fleet owners give us more flexibility in our transport and supply chain logistics needs. Partner with Ninja Van today as an independent contractor driver or rider and get the following perks:

  • Free training
  • Gas allowance
  • Additional incentives
  • Weekly salary payout

Ready ka na? Learn more how you can be a Ninja Van rider or driver now!

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