Double Day Sale

The Impact of Double Day Sales in the Philippines

The monthly double day sales has changed the way Filipinos shop. How did it start and how has it impacted ecommerce in the Philippines?
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These days, sales are seeing double – especially if you participate in Double Day online shopping sales.

Filipinos are big fans of these sales. Whether it’s a 9.9, 10.10, or 11.11 sale, we love participating in them. 

These Double Day or Double Double sales contribute to the growing online sale numbers. According to Bloomberg, ecommerce sales in Southeast Asia can reach more than $230 billion by 2025. And the Philippines is one of the countries leading the way. 

Double Day Sales, as mentioned above, are sales that take place on any double-digit dates of the month. These often offer customers chances to take advantage of big promotions and discounts. 

If you’re a business owner, we’re sure you don’t miss these events. But for those who are just starting to sell online and want to jump into the Double Day bandwagon, here’s everything you need to know.

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The evolution of double double sale

The Double Day sale was a product of China’s most-awaited sale year, which is the double-eleven. Also known as 11.11 Singles’ Day sale, it’s often held during the transition between autumn and winter. 

11.11 Singles Day Sale
Single’s Day was created as an alternative to Valentine’s Day.

Chinese students wanted to create another event that rivals Valentines’ Day and the idea of the Singles Day sale spread among the schools across the country. 

The former entertainment festival generated sales worth $7 million (USD) for Alibaba. And over the years, other Asian countries started adapting the Double Day sales. The Philippines also joined the train, especially when the pandemic hit and everyone had to buy online.

And now, here we are – big fans of sales with double digits. From 1.1 sales to 12.12 sales, Pinoys – both shoppers and businesses – are here for it!

Double day sales impact on ecommerce in the philippines

For Customers

Great deals and discounts are the big attraction for customers who participate in Double Day Sales. 

The unbeatable deals that come with each sale is a major pro for consumers, especially with inflation causing everyone to pinch their pennies. With so many deals available during these sales, customers are encouraged to buy their wants and needs without causing a huge dent in their budgets. 

Double Day Sale
Online shoppers are always waiting for double day sales to find great deals!

For Businesses

Double day online sales in the Philippines offer several benefits. Consider the following:

Increased brand awareness. Running a Double Day Sale increases brand awareness and attracts more eyes to your business. Customers are more likely to notice, share to their friends and promote the sale on their social media platforms. 

Increased revenue. Double Day Sales can drive more revenue for your business. Customers are more likely to say yes to a sale when they know that they are getting good deals. As a result, these sales events guarantee more sales. 

Attract more customers. Double Day sales help online businesses attract new customers. With the discounts and promos, new customers might be interested in trying out a business and buying from them. 

Build on customer loyalty. These sales events are effective ways to retain current customers. By offering discounts to existing customers, businesses show how much they value their patronage. It also encourages them to continue shopping. 

How to get big sales during double day sale events

With the popularity of double day sales, it also means tough competition! How do you attract more shoppers to your online store during these big events? Here’s our top tips:

Double Double Sale
Plan your strategies well so you can win big during double double sales!

Plan your promotion strategies in advance

A good promotion strategy is key to making the most out of these sales events. 

Your strategy should determine the promotions and discounts to be offered, as well as the social media campaigns that will build excitement leading up to the sale. It should also include the type of graphics and banners that can catch the eyes of your customers. 

Set realistic goals

As much as you want to achieve as many goals as possible, it’s best to be realistic with your expectations. Consider your current sales figure and set a target for profits and revenues. This enables you to measure the success of your sale and track down your progress. 

Also, determine your break-even point. Calculate how much revenue you have to earn during the Double Day Sale to make profits. Do this by running flash sales, offering special discounts to customers who refer family or friends, and creating urgency via limited-time discounts.

Take advantage of social media

Social media is the best way to spread the word about your online shopping sales. Stir up excitement by posting countdowns and teaser graphics leading up to sale day. Also, consider running paid social ads and encouraging your followers to share your posts. 

Check out our Beginner’s Guide to Social Media Marketing.

Optimize your website for more traffic

Double Day Sales mean an increase in traffic for ecommerce websites. If you aren’t prepared, get ready for customers complaining about long wait times, web pages not loading, and complicated online payment methods. 

Instead of dealing with customer complaints, optimize your website for the influx of traffic. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly and streamline the checkout process to prevent issues or delays. 

Consider these tips:

  • Use a queuing system to prevent website overload by managing the traffic
  • Manage high-traffic periods by using content delivery networks (CDNs) to prevent slow loading times and website crashes.
  • Make checkouts easier by letting customers check out as guests, provide them clear shipping policies, and offer multiple payment options. 

Partner with a reliable courier service

Good customer service is key to earning more customers in the future. Start polishing your positive image by ensuring customers get their orders on time. 

Partner with Ninja Van for hassle-free deliveries and secure handling of your parcels. With our reliable courier service, your customers will get their orders on time, and you can earn their trust and good reviews!

Monitor and analyze results

After the sale, analyze your performance. Determine the success of your efforts by tracking sales figures and customer engagements. Once you’ve analyzed the data, monitor your performance continuously to identify areas for improvement.

Get ready for the next online shopping sale

Are you ready for the next double day sale?

The next time another Double Day sale comes around, it’s best to be prepared. If you are, you’ll definitely be seeing double the profit – especially with a sale strategy that works. 

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