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Cross-Border Ecommerce Planning During Lunar New Year

Plan your shipments to avoid delays and inventory problems during the Lunar New Year!
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The local market offers many opportunities for online sellers in the Philippines. However, with logistics becoming more streamlined over the years, sellers shouldn’t forget about international opportunities. 

From importing inventory from Chinese suppliers to reaching out to buyers in other Southeast Asian countries, cross border e-commerce expands your reach to new possibilities. 

However, dealing with the cross border e-commerce market comes with its advantages and disadvantages. For instance, plenty of countries in Asia celebrate the Lunar New Year. If you’d like to maximize your cross-border ecommerce opportunities, this means planning ahead to reach potential markets and avoid setbacks. 

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Cross border e-commerce: Why should you plan before the Lunar New Year?

The Lunar New Year is usually scheduled in the last week of January or first week of February (it’s on February 10 in 2024). With less than a month to go, you should already be planning to mitigate the effects the holiday will have on your operations. These include:

  • The challenges of international shipping. International shipping is more complicated than local shipping. On top of international shipping challenges like customs and taxes, the Lunar New Year can hinder operations as it is a major holiday in several countries.
  • Irregular shipping schedules. As early as late January, many employees take time off to celebrate the Lunar New Year. This could lead to logistical issues, port congestion, and other issues that could cause late deliveries.
  • Inventory management issues. Production levels in factories and manufacturing centers will decrease, which could lead to inventory issues if you source your products from China or other international suppliers. 

Whether you sell to an international market or outsource your inventory internationally, you’re likely to be affected by the upcoming Lunar New Year. Thus, your business must plan and mitigate the holiday’s effects on your business. 

Cross Border E Commerce
Suppliers and manufacturers usually close shop during
the Lunar New Year, so plan your orders early!

Tips to prepare: What to prioritize for cross border e-commerce

The Lunar New Year also comes with unique opportunities for growth and profit. Here’s how to manage your cross-border e-commerce practices over the upcoming weeks:

1. Communicate with suppliers early

If you work directly with an international supplier, ask them about their operations before and during the Lunar New Year. This can help you manage your expectations and adjust your operations accordingly.

2. Import and stock more inventory

If your inventory delivery is likely to be affected close to the holiday, consider ordering a larger quantity. That way, you won’t have to order more inventory during a time when delivery times may not be the most reliable. 

This also reduces the risk of running out of stock and missing out on potential sales.

3. Diversify shipping options

Consider working with logistics companies with international warehouses or diversify your shipping loads. This can reduce the risk of delays caused by international shipping, port congestion, and other issues. 

#NinjaTip: Ninja Van has fulfillment centers and warehouses all over Southeast Asia, allowing us to offer cost-effective and fixed-cost services to our shippers. Learn more about Ninja Fulfillment.

4. Manage customer expectations

In some cases, there may be an inevitable delay in your fulfillment operations because of the Lunar New Year. The best thing you can do to minimize customer dissatisfaction is to let them know ahead of time of possible delays during the holiday season. 

Customers may be more understanding if you inform them ahead of time.

5. Work with a transparent logistics partner

With plenty of logistical challenges over the Lunar New Year, transparency and reliable service is a must. Consider your logistical solutions and see if they’re capable of helping your operations during this hectic period. 

How can Ninja Van help your fulfillment operations

As the choice logistics partner for millions of shippers across Southeast Asia, NinjaVan understands the hectic logistical cross border e-commerce challenges during a major holiday like the Lunar New Year. 

That’s why we offer solutions that can streamline your fulfillment.

Ninja Fulfillment
Say goodbye to holiday stress and let Ninja Van handle your
inventory management and fulfillment.

Our fulfillment warehousing services include inventory management solutions that handle receiving inventory, keeping stock and order fulfillment. As you manage the core operations of your business, we’ll handle your inventory and logistics needs. 

Here are some additional reasons to choose Ninja Van for your inventory management and fulfillment this Lunar New Year:

  • Handling inventory quantities of all sizes. If ordering more inventory isn’t feasible for your current setup, we offer warehousing solutions that allow you to scale.
  • Real-time inventory management. Keep track of your inventory in real-time and ensure you have enough stock to accommodate your demand.
  • International presence. Ninja Van operates in many other countries in Asia and China. This removes the need for coordinating with other third parties, streamlining your cross border e-commerce needs. 

With total coverage in Southeast Asia, we understand how holidays like the Lunar New Year can affect international operations and logistics. We can help you optimize, manage and grow your business through our dependable supply chain solutions. 

Are you prepared for the Lunar New Year?

Ninja Van Chinese New Year
Enjoy hassle-free logistic solutions during the Lunar New Year with Ninja Van!

Holidays provide plenty of opportunities for online businesses, but there are also challenges with logistics and fulfillment. By planning ahead for the upcoming Lunar New Year, you can minimize delays and other disruptions from affecting your operations. 

Ninja Van offers solutions that optimize your end-to-end fulfillment operations. From storing your inventory to ensuring your packages are delivered on time, we accommodate your operational needs. 

Learn more about our warehousing and fulfillment solutions today!

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