Branding Strategies Examples

Excellent Branding Strategy Examples

Your branding strategy should answer the questions: What separates you from other businesses, and why should your customers care? 
Emotional Branding

How to Win Customers through Emotional Branding

Studies say that 95% of purchases are based on emotion. How do you effectively use emotional branding to win your customers' hearts?
Upaselling Strategies

Upselling Techniques for Your Online Business

Maximize your revenue with upselling strategies for your ecommerce business. Here are some useful tips for you!
How To Digitize Your Business

How to Digitize Your Business

Your digital transformation doesn't stop with a website and social media. Learn the tools and and the benefits of fully digitizing your business.
Rebranding Or Brand Refresh

Rebrand or Refresh: The Essential Guide to Updating Your Brand

Do you need a full on rebranding or just a brand refresh to stay fresh and interesting to your customers? Here's a useful guide for you.
Post Holiday Sale

Post-holiday Sales: How to Clear Your Excess Holiday Stock

How do you keep your sales high and move excess inventory after the holiday shopping frenzy? Follow these tips!
Ecommerce Website Trends

Top Ecommerce Website Design Trends

With social media and marketplaces, do you still need an ecommerce website? Yes! And here's how you should do it.
marketing strategies for ecommerce

5 Effective Traffic-driving Tricks for Ecommerce

You have great products and a well-designed ecommerce website, but traffic is still low. Try these traffic-driving tricks to attract more customers.
International Shipping From Philippines

Expand Your Business and Start Shipping to Other Countries

Ready to expand your brand by shipping to customers abroad? Here are some useful tips on how to start.
Attracting Customers

5 Simple (But Crucial) Things That Turn Off Customers

What could be the reason your customers are abandoning their cart? You could be doing any of these 5 things.
Social Media Trends In Pandemic

3 Social Media Trends Shaped by the Pandemic (And are Here to Stay)

Social media consumption changed dramatically during the pandemic. But some of those trends are here to stay.
Psychological Marketing Tactics

5 Psychological Marketing Tactics that Increase Sales

Tapping into the customers' buying behavior will help you create marketing tactics that work, and increase your sales.