5 Ways To Treat Cs Reps Better

5 Ways You Can Treat Customer Service Reps Better

Customer service agents are unsung heroes, too. And as customers, let's remember to treat them with respect during calls.
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One of the main responsibilities of customer service (CS) representatives is to help us when we encounter an issue with a company’s product or service.

They’re our allies, not the enemy, so we should be careful not to treat them like adversaries when we’re on a call.

We can have a better customer experience when we talk to a CS agent with a positive, calm and patient demeanor. CS reps are there to assist in resolving our problematic situation and they deserve respect from us as well. 

How we can treat CS Reps well during a call

1. Remember that starting a call in anger may hinder a productive conversation

Occasionally any slightest grievances with the product or service will push you over the edge. We’ve all been there, we’re not really thinking clearly in stressful conditions.

angry customer
Being angry won’t likely result in a productive conversation with the CS rep.
Image source: Getty Images

And that desperate need to vent out your frustration can typically end up by starting a call shouting, in incoherent rambling or putting all the blame on a CS rep at the other end of the line.

We sometimes tend to forget that a customer service rep is only the frontline of the company. And sometimes they themselves struggle with dealing with rude customers even if they’re trained to do so to the best of their abilities.

One thing we must remember is that they’re not the reason our purchased product or service failed.

2. State your problem in a clear and relaxed manner

It can be challenging to control your emotions, especially when you’re having a bad day coupled with a faulty product or bad service. It certainly doesn’t help if this isn’t your first time encountering such problems with the same company.

Oftentimes you will reiterate and paraphrase your predicament and answer what seemed like canned, automated inquiries as if the person on the other line didn’t hear you clearly the first time.

customer service call
Remember to state your problem clearly and in detail. Image source: Getty Images

It’s also quite common that your calls will be escalated to different departments. And then you have to answer and explain what was said before. You’re increasingly getting more annoyed and exasperated and expect excellent customer service at least this time around.

Still, be concise and calm whenever you’re asked to describe your dilemma even if your patience is waning. This helps you think more clearly and even helps you see things objectively.

You’re presenting to the CS rep that you’re in control of your emotions. And, therefore, you’re more open to discussing the possible solutions rationally. 

3. Stay calm and composed even if you’re not getting the answers you want to hear

It’s so tempting to become offensive, especially if you’re not dealing with the matter face to face.

That shroud of invisibility when you’re on a call, with no one else to see you, is sometimes enough reason to be cruel or aggressive. No surprise that this is one of the rude habits customer service people often encounter.

You might have this assumption that they know the answers to everything. Or that they should be able to handle any disputes, no matter how complicated they might be, because that is their job after all.

Sometimes you unintentionally have a selective hearing because you just want to get the solution quickly and end the call.  

However, your customer service experience will be more pleasant, resolve faster and end quicker if you listen carefully and be proactive in finding solutions together with the CS rep.

Stay calm and ask for your options. Your CS agent is more than happy
to work with you and resolve your issue.

You might have missed out on certain details because you wanted a distinct response to your concerns. But in reality, they’ve already addressed your problems, although not in that specific detail you wanted to hear.

If you still feel that they’re not giving you the answers you prefer, make an effort to be polite and clarify what the CS rep said, or request for someone else to assist you.

4. Understand the CS agent’s limitation in certain instances

There are times when the customer service representative can only do so much and they have limited resources to address your concerns.

When that happens, you kindly move on and request to talk to another personnel. Or to transfer you to a different division that can properly provide you with the solutions that you’re looking for.

Understand that they follow protocols and processes when handling customer calls, so try not to escalate the argument further and wait for the CS rep to connect you to another call. 

 5. Thank them after the call

It’s always good to end the call with a simple thank you whether your problem was immediately addressed or not.

Saying thank you is a simple but greatly appreciated gesture
by the CS agents.

You have expectations as a customer to demand quick solutions. However, customer service agents are also bound to policies enforced by the company or sometimes they simply don’t have access to the information that you need. 

In these cases, the SOP would be to create a report and forward your concern to the person or department that can solve your problem. 

Being angry won’t fast track your expected solution; stay calm and thank the CS representative for taking your call and following the protocols to resolve your issue. 

Customer service representatives are humans, too, and they will be silently grateful that you’re one of those call experiences that’s uncomplicated and, overall, nice.

Customer service representatives are unsung heroes, too

The customer service representative’s goal is to make clients satisfied with their service. While the probability of making it happen every day without a hitch is near impossible, we should have faith that they’re doing the best they can to help us.

customer support
Customer service reps are our allies and economic unsung heroes.
Image source: Freepik

After all, they’re the silent, unsung heroes who do their best to help and provide solutions to customers.

Our impatience and frustration are understandable but they’re not a license to be rude, dismissive or disruptive to a customer service representative. Their job is to always help and they will go the extra mile if we show them some courtesy.

Featured image by lifeforstock via Freepik

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