Perry Crescini Optimum Life

From Side Hustle to Premium Wellness Business

From a small side hustle, read how Perry Crescini was able to grow the Optimum LIfe brand through his partnership with Ninja Van.

Optimum Life was Perry Crescini‘s second journey into entrepreneurship. He started it only as a side hustle.

He already had a successful logistics business that had been running for eight years, which had become self-sustaining, and his staff had been looking after things. But he found himself with nothing else to do.

I thought I needed to find something new to focus my mind and energy on. Then I found One Opti. At first, I bought products for personal use and resold them on the side as a hobby. 

“It turned out the products are very beneficial to health and are profitable, so I turned it into a full-time business,” he shared with us.

Mr. Crescini established Optimum Life as an online distributor of One Opti products. Not to be confused, One Opti is a separate entity that manufactures organic food and dietary supplement products.

Optimum Life is now a leading independent distributor of One Opti products in the country, and they also ship to other countries. Some popular products include One Opti Juice, the 15-in-1 herbal juice drink, herbal food supplements and even skin care products.

Once again, Mr. Crescini built a successful business.

My Optimum Life 2
Optimum Life is a leading online distributor of One Opti all-natural products.
Among their best-seller was the 15-in-1 herbal One Opti Juice.

“There may be millions of fishes in the ocean, but not all will take your bait.”

Building and attracting your market base is always the hardest challenge in any start-up business. So his strategy was to find like-minded people who believed in what he wanted to achieve through his products.

“In analogy, there may be millions of fishes in the ocean, but not all would take your bait. When you find that one fish who likes your bait, you catch it, nourish it and keep it for good.

“What if you catch ten of the same kind of fish? That means you have ten loyal fish, and they will then tell the others, and they, too, will join the bandwagon.” 

So how do you catch that one good fish? Perseverance, he said. Lots of it.

Your first try may only catch a few like-minded customers, but if they enjoyed their experience and were nurtured by your business, then they will be your own brand champions. 

“The first order from the first customer is always the highlight of every start-up. This is what gives me a sense of accomplishment. That I’m doing the right thing and that it works.” 

“The best decision I’ve made since (I started) Optimum Life.”

As soon as the first few customers bought Opti One products from his distributorship, things followed naturally. He maintained his own storage, processed all orders, packed the parcels and scheduled the pickup from the courier company.

His customers grew in no time, and the orders kept coming. He soon realized that he needed help. For one, he needed a bigger space to store the products and find people to help him manage the increasing orders. 

He found all the help he needed, and more, from Ninja Fulfillment.

“When Manette introduced me to the idea of never ever having to do all that anymore with Ninja Van, I jumped in right away and got on board. That was the best decision I’ve made since the inception of Optimum Life. The next day I was introduced to Aldrin, the warehouse manager, we collaborated and worked together to set up everything for me. 

“Everyone was very helpful, and my transition to the new system was unbelievably seamless.”

Mr. Crescini was thankful that he was freed from all the manual work, which allowed him to focus more on marketing and growing his hustle into what is now the Optimum Life brand. 

“The experience so far is remarkable (with) the outstanding support I get from Ninja Van.”

Mr. Crescini was given a tour of the Ninja Van warehouse and gave him a full demonstration of how Ninja Fulfilment would store, process and deliver his products to his customers. 

“They made me feel like it’s my own warehouse. I was standing in the middle of ‘my own’ warehouse with an excellent team of professionals to look after me.”

Ninja Fulfillment is a service that provides hassle-free storage, fulfillment and delivery for businesses. Shipper benefits include: 

  • Inventorizing and storing products
  • Pickup and packing orders
  • Dispatching your orders to the end customers

It’s perfect for ecommerce businesses, like Optimum Life, that ship big volumes of orders regularly. They don’t need to rent or manage their own warehouse and hire people to process and pack the parcels. They get operational efficiency and reduced cost while still having full visibility of their inventory’s movement.

Ninja Van Warehouse Logistics
Ninja Van’s warehousing and fulfillment services are perfect for ecommerce businesses
that ship big volumes regularly.

“The whole process is meticulous yet impressively efficient, ensuring that products are handled with maximal care and the highest standard. 

“My initial goal, really, was to make sure that my customers get the best support, and that includes reliable delivery service. With Ninja Van, that goal was achieved,” shared Mr. Crescini. 

You can have a successful hustle, too

Mr. Crescini invites others to start their own hustle and become a successful entrepreneur in the Philippines like many today.

They can do so by starting their business through One Opti Lifestyle International. He said One Opti and Optimum Life’s mission is to empower millions with ‘innovative products that actually work.’ 

They’re all about helping others meet their health and wellness goals while providing business opportunities to many people.

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