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Iconic: Alodia Gosiengfiao and DWCS Clothing on Pursuing Your Passion

Para kanino ka bumabangon? Para sa pamilya at para sa sarili. That's why loving what you do is important when running your own business.
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As children, we’re told to do what we love. But when we grow up, turning our passion into a career isn’t always cheered on.

When celebrity cosplayer, model and entrepreneur Alodia Gosiengfiao turned her passion for gaming into a business and career, people were quick to tell her to “find a real job!” or “that’s not a real career!”

But she understood that the gaming industry had a lot of potential. As of 2022, the country is home to over 43 million active gamers and we rank 25th globally in terms of revenue from gaming. It’s even projected to reach US$7.12m (Ph55.7 billion) in 2023.

Alodia pioneered this gaming boom; she’s the OG influencer and the face of gaming and eSports here. As she lives and breathes gaming, she co-founded Tier One Entertainment, the first e-sports talent & entertainment agency in Southeast Asia. She’s also the CEO of Blacklist International, a multi-gaming organization that manages and promotes competitive eSports, like Dota 2 and Mobile Legends.

She followed her heart, and now inspiring others to do the same. Many gamers are shunning 8-5 jobs to forge their own path: either as professional gamers or becoming entrepreneurs and creating businesses inspired by their love for gaming.

Designing the ‘art of living’

DWCS (Don’t Wear Cheap Stuff) Clothing is one of those businesses born from gamer friends Lisandro Jacob, Marvel Maniega and Lenard Jacob.

What makes DWCS Iconic: ”Nag-isip kami ng mga design and binalot namin yun ng mga experiences namin sa buhay. Yun ang kakaiba sa art namin.Marvel Maniega, co-founder

They were clear on what they wanted to achieve. They didn’t want to create cookie-cutter clothing, or just imitate other gaming merch. No, they were going to put their own stamp into their designs.

Marvel told us about the real stories behind their artwork:  “Ang inspiration sa mga design namin ay ‘yung buhay ng mga nasa 18-30 years old. Yung mga edad na nagsisimulang magtrabaho at mag-build ng buhay.

DWCS Product Rabbit White
DWCS is more than gaming-inspired, it’s life-inspired.

Kse na-experience din namin yung hirap ng buhay, depression at mga pagasubok na nagpapatibay sa amin. So nag-isip kami ng mga design and binalot namin yun ng mga experiences namin sa buhay. Yun ang kakaiba sa art namin.”

They call it “the art of living innovation.” They create art through life experiences and then add elements from their favorite games. That’s how DWCS Clothing stands out from thousands of gaming-inspired clothing brands 

The secret is there’s no secret

They may be flying under the radar, but DWCS Clothing has earned many followers and business had taken off. They get high volumes of orders for their lifestyle and gaming shirts every month from gamers and non-gamers who share their sense of fashion.

“From the start Ninja Van ‘yung tumulong sa amin in terms or deliveries. Lahat ng kailangan namin, every concern we have ina-assist agad nila.”

But they didn’t really have a strict business plan at the beginning, they just followed their ideas and got to work.

“Una wala akong alam kung paano masisimulan yung clothing line na business,” Lisandro shared with Ninja Van. “We did some research kung ano yung mga kailangan namin sa damit: anong tela yung kailangan naming gamitin, quality ng printing; stickers, slogan, marketing, and syempre yung capital.”

So we asked them what was the secret ingredient to their success.

DWCS Product Monkey Black
More than creativity, their designs are inspired by their hopes and dreams.

“To be honest walang secret,” Lisandro said. “Naniwala lang kami sa isa’t isa na magagawa namin ang mga bagay na meron ngayon ang DWCS Clothing. 

Lakasan lang ng loob kapag pumasok ka sa business eh. Laging kaming may mission sa bawat desisyon namin, at nae-envision namin na magagawa namin iyon.”

Finding the right logistics partners to deliver orders to their customers is also a no-brainer. Ninja Van has helped them from the start, providing dedicated account management to assist with all their shipping needs allowed them to focus more on designing and expanding their ideas.

“From the start Ninja Van ‘yung tumulong sa amin in terms or deliveries. Lahat ng kailangan namin, every concern we have ina-assist agad nila. 

“We also commend Ninja Van’s Customer Service dahil lagi silang may sagot sa mga recipient or customer namin regarding sa shipping ng product or orders galing sa amin.”

Following your passion pays in the end

Alodia Gosiengfiao and DWCS Clothing’s founders prove to us that responding to your heart’s desire can lead to success. Like any other career path, you will face challenges and hard work. The difference is carving out a career from your passion is way more rewarding.

Designing life-inspired gaming shirts are just the start for DWCS. They’re soon launching other products like caps, bonnets and a children’s line. They’re also planning to launch a distributorship program to expand their customer base.

DWCS Kids Line
The DWCS founders have big dreams for the brand, including launching a kids’ line
and expanding to international markets.

(Gusto naming) mapalawak pa ang target customers namin, at isa rin sa targets nmin ‘yung makilala worldwide yung brand namin.”

Finally, the three guys each share some valuable advice for other entrepreneurs or those dreaming to become one:

Marvel – “Be humble, be a good person, be open-minded kasi hindi mo alam baka yung mga kaibigan mo maging susi sa business or idea na naiisip mo.”

Lenard “Wag kang susuko sa laban ng buhay.”

Lisandro “Gawin mong posible ang imposible. Nagiging imposible lang naman ang bagay kapag hindi inaaksyonan.”

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