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Valentines Day Rose

Top 10 Best-Selling Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her 2024

As Valentine's Day 2024 swiftly approaches, it's crucial for retailers to be well-prepared with a stockpile of the season's most coveted gifts for her. If you're just embarking on your Valentine's Day planning or find yourself in need of some fresh inspiration, don't fret! We've assembled a guide to the top 10 best-selling Valentine's Day gifts aimed at impressing her in 2024.
Packing Item Dropshipping

Dropshipping: What is it and does it still work in 2024?

Explore how dropshipping is thriving in Malaysia's booming e-commerce market, aided by government initiatives and a growing digital economy.
Chinese New Year Lanterns

8 products to add to your shop and ring in the Year of the Dragon

Brace yourselves, festivity fiends! Chinese New Year, Christmas, and Hari Raya are just around the corner, showering us with cultural goodness and, more importantly, shopping sprees!  This is your chance to embrace the vibrant traditions and, let's be honest, rack up some serious retail karma.
Customer Service Headset And Laptop

Customer Relationship Management (CRM): how to get return customers

Discover how CRM cultivates repeat business for e-commerce. Learn practical CRM strategies that nurture customer relationships and sustain growth.
Quitting Job

Quitting your job to start a business? How to prepare for the leap

Utterly fed up with being just another cog in the corporate machinery? Dreaming of ditching your 9 to 5 and turning your online side hustle into your main event? Here's how to start!
My Edm Cny Cut Off Dates

CNY Cut-off Dates

To avoid delays during the peak season of Chinese New Year, we strongly recommend that you pick up or drop off your parcels before the cut-off dates listed below. Please note that orders posted after the cut-off date will be delivered on a best-effort basis.
Dropshipping Products

Unravelling the Pitfalls of Dropshipping: A Detailed Guide

Discover how dropshipping, while easily accessible, comes with its own set of challenges. Learn why it might not be the ideal choice for your online venture.
Packaging Flatlay

Good Product Packaging: All You Need to Know Before Shipping Your Product

Wrapping up good product packaging isn’t merely sending it to the post office. It's about ensuring a smooth customer experience from start to finish, which can significantly impact your brand and business.
Ecommerce Sales

Master Digital Sales: Sell Online Effectively & Efficiently

Not every customer is ready to buy your product after visiting your website, especially for products that are a tad more complicated or big-ticket items like electronic hardware or expensive furniture. That’s when a quick voice or video call could be just the push the customer needs to convert!
Account Tiktok Banned

Why is Your TikTok Account Banned? An Essential Guide for Shop Owners

Uncover reasons behind TikTok bans, recovery strategies, and valuable tips for shop owners to maintain a strong online presence.
Tiktok Shop black/white icons

TikTok Shop Ban in Malaysia: Potential Impact on Malaysian E-commerce Landscape

In November 2023, the Malaysian government, particularly the Communications and Digital Ministry led by Minister Fahmi Fadzil, announced considerations for a potential TikTok Shop ban, marking a significant regulatory move in the country’s digital landscape. 
Taking Concert Video With Iphone

TikTok Marketing: How to Create Compelling Tiktok Video Shopping Ads

One of the most effective strategies for gaining traction on TikTok is the use of video shopping ads. These ads seamlessly integrate entertainment and e-commerce, providing a unique and compelling way for brands to showcase their products.