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Shopee Guide Hero Image

Guide: How to be a Shopee Seller Malaysia

Plan to start your own Ecommerce business? Learn how to set up your store on the highly popular Shopee in Malaysia. Everything from visuals of the online store to listing your products!
Bad business practices

What to avoid when running an online business

Just started your online business? Here are some things to avoid doing to increase the success of your business becoming profitable!
Ecommerce Laptop And Mobile

How To Build an Online Store in Malaysia

Want to start an online store but don't know how? Here are some steps to help guide you in setting up your business online! We go through some important steps such as finding a website template and also picking the right payment gateways for your business.
Farah Faisal (left) Freight Customs Coordinator Of Ninja Van And Her Colleague

Don’t Ship This! Here is List of Ninja Pack Prohibited Items for Delivery

Just like any other business days, our Live Chats or DMs are sometimes flooded with questions like, “Can I ship my biscuits?” or any other food-related questions. Sometimes, we receive questions like this sneaking into our DM. “I ordered a live fish and used your courier to deliver it to my customers, how many days will it…
Home Business Ideas

Learn 5 Beginner Tips to Start a Business in Malaysia

Are you tired of your 9-to-6 job? Or do you aspire to be your own boss? Don’t just keep the fantasy to yourself. It’s time to embrace your entrepreneurial side, and it all begins with these five steps you can take right now. Here are the five beginner tips to start a business in Malaysia…
Social Media Branding

Top 4 Tips to Sell Any Products on Your Social Media

Discover four secrets to sell easily using social media with zero cost Do you know that Malaysians social media users spend an average of five hours and forty-seven minutes a day on social media according to the research from YouGov (2019)? That’s like 20% time spent on social media alone! A lot of businesses nowadays have incorporated…
Choosing A Platform For Your Online Store

3 Factors to Consider When using a Courier Service for Your Business

Starting a business is no easy feat. Are you new to the online business in Malaysia? At this point, you must know that there are a lot of things that you need to plan before jumping on the wagon. Making your consumers happy and satisfied is the most excellent approach to go about it. However,…
Home baking business

5 Ways Malaysian Housewives Can Earn Money Easily from Home

Any housewife will tell you that being a stay-at-home mom is not an easy job. It’s never-ending work with occasional breaks, juggling between household chores and children to care for. It can be difficult for some families to rely solely on a single source of income, especially since the outbreak is still ongoing. It will…
Online Shopping

Love Shopping? Here are 8 Tips for You to Shop Smart Online!

Are you addicted to online shopping? Here’s a fun fact; you are not alone! Malaysian shoppers are no strangers when it comes to buying things online. Be it Shopee, Lazada, or other mobile shopping applications, it is highly likely that we have one of these apps installed on our mobile phones. It is quick and…
COD Scam

Scammer Alert: 4 Tips How You can Avoid Package Delivery Scam

You may have heard of scammers employing all kinds of tactics to trick their victims online. But, how about Cash-on-Delivery (COD) scammers? Have you heard of it? How COD Scams operate It has come to our attention that there are scammers who use COD services to trick customers into paying something that they did not purchase at the first…
Online business

Top 10 Side Income Ideas in Malaysia

If you find yourself Googling for a part-time job to supplement your income or ways to make money from home in your spare time, you are not alone. Given the current situation of the economy and the rising cost of living, a growing number of people are working more than one job to sustain their…
Ninja Packs

How to Send your Parcel using Ninja Van in 6 Easy Steps!

Not a big fan of the long queue? Here’s how you can improve your fulfilment logistics through an effective delivery solution with Ninja Van! If you are interested to send your parcels with Ninja Van, why not check out Ninja Pack? With Ninja Pack, you no longer need to bother with the long hours of…