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Malaysia Small Business Month Ninja Van Landing Page Banners 03 1

Get RM20 off when you ship your first 10 parcels & more with Ninja Biz this Small Business Month!

Enjoy exclusive savings during our Small Business Month limited time promo! Enjoy RM20 off when you ship 10 parcels with us.
Setup Your Lazada Store

Mastering Lazada Selling: Guide to Start if You are New

Explore our beginners guide to selling on Lazada Malaysia - navigate the e-commerce world and transform your small business into big success!
Shopify App Start Your Business (1)

Small Business Trends in Malaysia in 2023 (What you need to know)

Don't start a new business in Malaysia without checking out our latest and most updated small business trends in Malaysia.
Stressed Woman At Desk With Laptop

Starting up Series 2: New Challenges and Stressors

Working is often stressful, but what about being your own boss?
Live Work Create Words Against Brick Wall

Starting up Series 4: How to Sustain Your New Work-life Balance

Balancing work and life is essential for success. Harness the keys to sustaining your work-life balance for a fulfilling entrepreneurial journey.
1. Content Marketing

Content Marketing for Online Sellers: Necessity or Option?

Is content marketing a must for online sellers? Discover insights and tips that can help you create contents!
2. Being Your Own Boss

Starting up Series 1: The Reality of Being Your Own Boss

Ready to be your own boss? Discover the raw reality of starting and running a business.
Grow Your Online Sales Flatlay

Grow Your Online Sales: Part 3 –  Discounts Done Right

Statistics reveal the undeniable appeal of discounts: 67% of consumers admit that they would purchase a product they hadn’t initially planned for, simply because there was a discount.
Social Media In Scrabble Tiles

Grow Your Online Sales: Part 2 – Optimising Your Social Media Sales Channels

In today's swiftly changing digital terrain, social media has transcended its initial purpose of mere likes and comments. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok have emerged as potent sales channels for e-commerce aficionados.
Social Media In Phone

From Post to Profits: The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media Marketing

In the dynamic landscape of today’s digital era, social media has become an indispensable tool for businesses, especially online sellers. Beyond mere connectivity, it serves as a gateway to potential customers, a platform to promote products or services, and a medium for building brand awareness.
Hands Packing Dropshipping Product With Thank You Card

The best products for dropshipping Oct 2023

The backbone of any dropshipping venture rests on one key element: product selection. This crucial decision not only determines the growth trajectory of an online business but also shapes its brand voice and positioning.
Marketing Strategy Flatlay

Marketing on a budget: How to get the most bang for your marketing buck

Boosting a post on Facebook might be simple, but in the complex world of digital marketing, how can you ensure that every dollar you spend delivers maximum value?